Jonathan Emord

By Attorney Jonathan Emord
Author of “The Rise of Tyranny” and
Global Censorship of Health Information” and
Restore The Republic
February 6, 2017

President Donald Trump has accomplished more in the first few weeks of his presidency than any other president in the modern era. He is making good on each of his campaign promises, transforming America into a nation that has secure borders, that reduces regulatory impediments that block market entry and retard free enterprise, that permits free markets to arise in health care, and that wages a relentless campaign of destruction against radical Islamic terrorists worldwide. His actions are so swift and so consequential that his opposition has difficulty capturing the news cycle. By the time they coalesce opposition against a measure, President Trump is on to the next initiative.

He is unintimidated by his opposition and dedicated with laser like precision to achieve the objectives of his Administration. To this point in history, each modern President has been preoccupied with media perception of each action. That preoccupation has rendered actions anemic and results unimpressive in case after case. By contrast, President Tump leads and lets the consequences follow. He means to make a huge difference for the benefit of his country and has no tolerance for mindless drivel and opposition based on sympathies for America’s enemies.

The politics of Washington have been the politics of indecision, inaction, and inertia. President Trump has filled Washington’s vacuum of power with bold and directed leadership. Republicans thought to be likely antagonists of the President have largely fallen into rank behind him, recognizing that President Trump proceeds like a steamroller at full throttle without regard to whether his opposition comes in the form of a Red or a Blue state representative.

For those who have long yearned for change to revitalize the American economy, defend America’s borders, and dismantle the regulatory state, President Trump comes as an answer. There is no one in Washington more dedicated to the welfare of the United States than President Trump.

He is increasingly winning over the hearts and minds of the American people. They are coming to realize that bureaucratic mountains thought to be impenetrable and permanent are the very ones he intends to bring down. The dams those mountains formed, blocking the flow of free market activity are rapidly giving way, ushering in new streams of commerce for the benefit of all Americans.

Just one month ago, the market heaved forward carrying the weight of regulation with no apparent end in sight. Many doubted that President Trump, even were they to credit his promise to deregulate, could alter decades old regulatory regimes that exercised an authoritarian strangle hold on the throat of business.

Business leaders have learned that regardless of how illogical or extreme the regulations imposed upon them, they would have to adjust because the regulators were not going to disappear and possess numerous tools to fine or destroy those who resist compulsion. Trump’s executive order on deregulation changes the direction. Now the regulatory state faces a President who means to reduce the size and scope of the regulatory state by a promised 75%. They face a President with the fortitude necessary to stand firm in the face of bureaucratic wailing and gnashing of teeth.

President Donald Trump is proving by action, not rhetoric, that he means to resurrect the American empire. The contrast with his predecessor could not be greater. The world is fast coming to realize that Donald Trump will fight tenaciously and unrelentingly to rebuild American military and economic dominance. The apology tour is over. America is back. Thank you, Mr. President.

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