Our Facilities

The Lord has provided new offices for the work of SWPM.  Pictured below are the facilities for our ongoing work.  All of these facilities are

housed under one roof, as we attempt to be good stewards of the offerings God’s people send us.

SWPM Office:  We have approximately 100 items in our bookstore, consisting of books, DVDs and literature items.  This is where we house and ship these products, as well as maintain our website and accounting.

SWPM Study:  In his over 40 years of ministry, Dr. Schnittger has collected over 8,000 books.  Additionally, he has four file cabinets of ministry related documents.  It is here that Dr. Schnittger writes books and articles for the ministry.

Studio:  We are assisted by “Dave,” our studio engineer with over 30 years of audio/visual experience.  It is here that we tape our videos, radio programs and podcasts.  We have had several nationally known guests on our broadcast, including L.A. Marzulli and Bill Salus.

L.A. Marzulli in studio

Bill Salus in studio