By Carol Rushton

Things in the Middle East never stay quiet for very long. In the past year the following important events have taken place in the region:

  1. Moving America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel

  2. The murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Turkey

  3. President Trump’s recognition of the Golan Heights as sovereign Israeli territory

  4. The withdrawal of the United States from the 2015 nuclear agreement President Obama had made with Iran

  5. The escalation of the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran’s proxies, the Houthis, in Yemen

  6. Israel trading rocket attacks with Syria and Hamas in the Gaza Strip

  7. Iran’s expansion of military assets in Syria and for all practical purposes, the takeover of Iraq

The latest salvo in the escalation of tensions is the attack on two Saudi oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, one of which was about to leave for the U.S. Saudi government officials declined to give many details about the attack, only stating that although “significant damage” to the tankers occurred during the attack, no oil leaked or spilled out of the tankers (Associated Press, Saudi Arabia Says 2 Oil Tankers Damaged By Sabotage Attacks,” May 13, Fox News, https://www.foxnews.com/world/saudi-arabia-says-2-oil-tankers-damaged-by-sabotage-attacks, accessed June 10, 2019).

The Trump administration had warned its allies in the Middle East for several months of increased threats by Iran, prompting it to dispatch the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the region. The Trump administration has refused so far to specify the reasons for warning of an escalation of tensions and threats by Iran but Middle East experts suspect that Iran was behind the attacks on the Saudi tankers (though Iran denies this).

Saudi Arabia was already deeply concerned about the Houthis’ control of Yemen and using Yemen to launch rocket attacks into their country from their southern border. The Houthis are Iranian proxies and are used by Iran to create havoc and chaos within Saudi Arabia. Iran also moves freely through Iraq and has built military installations in Syria, which Israel bombs from time to time.

Iran is trying to surround Saudi Arabia. The Iranians would love nothing more than to topple the Saudi royal family and replace them with a puppet regime as they did in Yemen. The Saudis recognize this, and this is why they respond to the rocket attacks from the Houthis by sending their warplanes to bomb Yemen, although this usually results in the killing of innocent Yemeni men, women, and children. The U.N. has no problem with promptly condemning Saudi Arabia for bombing Yemen and blames the Saudis for the suffering and humanitarian crisis in that country and the U.S. as well since our country supports the Saudis in this conflict. However, the U.N. is silent about the Houthis attacking Saudi Arabia, refusing to hold either the Houthis or Iran accountable for their responsibility for the situation in Yemen.

Although it is clear that President Trump and his administration are aware of these moves by Iran, which is probably one of the reasons for their warnings to our Middle East allies, it doesn’t help Saudi Arabia very much. Very few countries will now come to the Saudis’ defense. Their murder of Jamal Khashoggi has not helped their image around the world. The Saudi royal family is not popular with their citizens and because of the unrest in their country, the royal family felt that Khashoggi’s criticism of them, which was well known, posed a significant threat to their rule. That’s why they murdered him.

Westerners need to take off their rose-colored glasses and be realistic about the shifting alliances in the Middle East. In the 1990’s, Turkey and Israel held joint air force military exercises together every year, but not anymore. Turkey has become a radical Islamic country, with their current President Erdogan allying himself with Iran. If Iran had murdered and dismembered anyone in their embassy in Turkey, Turkey would not only be OK with that but would defend Iran and come up with the most implausible scenarios to explain what had happened. Turkey doesn’t care that Khashoggi was murdered. They just care that Saudi Arabia did it.

Westerners must also realize that Russia is supporting Iran and the development of their nuclear weapons program. If anyone thinks Iran wants to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes, they need to have their head examined. Iran’s leaders continue to threaten to destroy Israel and the U.S. almost every day. If Iran ever successfully develops a nuclear weapons program, it won’t hesitate to use nuclear weapons against Israel.

This situation has created some strange bedfellows in the Middle East. Although the Saudis have officially denied any contacts with Israel, official or unofficial, leaks continue to surface about cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Saudis may not like the Israelis very much – I promise you they are still teaching children in Saudi schools that Jews are descended from apes and pigs – but they know as long as they don’t directly attack Israel, Israel will leave them alone. The Saudis know that Israel is committed to protecting not only their own country but the peace and stability of the entire Middle East. They know that Israel will never use their nuclear weapons unless they forced to do so and there is no other alternative while the Iranians won’t bat an eye about using nukes. A nuclear attack on Israel by Iran will directly affect Saudi Arabia as well as every other country in the Middle East, and that is not something the Saudi royal family can allow.

American congressmen who have condemned any new weapons sales to the Saudis because of the Khashoggi murder are playing into the hands of the Iranians. Yes, the Saudi royal family is not the greatest (I realize this is an understatement!), but if the Saudi royal family is successfully toppled by a coup and replaced by an Iranian regime, the situation in the Middle East will be a hundred times worse. As bad as the Saudi royal family is, the alternative is unthinkable. Unless, of course, the United States sent troops into Saudi Arabia to prop up their government, and I don’t think any American, even our military, would support that.

We also have to remember that many of the current tensions in the Middle East are the result of how the allies after World War I carved up the Middle East, creating new countries and installing regimes and rulers for those countries without consulting the peoples in the region what they wanted. The world is now experiencing the bitter fruits of the seeds planted one hundred years ago by people who are now dead and cannot be held to account for their arbitrary decisions.

No one wants another major war in the Middle East, me most of all. However, only the Lord knows the future, and it is possible that we are currently seeing the setting of the stage for another major war in the Middle East, perhaps one of the wars that Bill Salus points to in Psalm 83, or even the war of Ezekiel 38-39. While I am thankful the United States has in President Trump the best friend that Israel and the Jews has ever had in American history, we also must recognize that the Bible predicted over two thousand years ago the time when the whole world would viciously turn against Israel and the Jews. Let us be ever vigilant in our support of Israel and the Jews as we and they face an increasingly perilous and dangerous world in these last days.

Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. – Zechariah 12:2-3


By Carol Rushton

Oklahoma is in the middle of what has been called “the Bible belt,” which can either be a compliment or a pejorative, depending on your point of view. Even though Oklahoma has always had more Democrat registered voters than Republican, Oklahomans have started rejecting the radical Democrat platform in favor of more conservative political views. In 2008, 2012, and 2016, all 77 counties in Oklahoma overwhelmingly voted for the Republican presidential candidate.

You would think with that kind of a voting record that Oklahoma would be a very conservative state. It used to be but the political landscape in the state is changing.


Republican Mary Fallon was governor of Oklahoma from 2011 to 2019. Fallon, who says she is a Christian, promised my pastor, Paul Blair of Fairview Baptist Church, that she would sign a bill that would have eliminated most if not all abortions in our state if the bill made it to her desk. When the bill passed both state legislative houses, Fallon broke her word and vetoed the bill, allowing new abortion clinics to be established in Oklahoma.

It is particularly galling to Oklahoma Christians and conservatives that other states like Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and Missouri have since passed very strong pro-life bills. Oklahoma could have been the state to lead the country in pro-life legislation. Instead, Oklahomans must watch as brave citizens and governors in other states lead the way in protecting the lives of the unborn while Oklahoma must take a back seat. We are a disgrace and an embarrassment in the pro-life movement as more babies than ever in Oklahoma lose their lives every day to the scourge of abortion.

Democrat Al McAffery was elected to the Oklahoma State House of Representatives in 2006, representing the 88th district and then was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate in 2012. Although the son of Baptist minister, McAffery says he is a homosexual and lives with his male partner.

McAffery was succeeded in both Oklahoma House and Senate districts by Kay Floyd, who is a lesbian and was elected by her Democrat colleagues to represent them in the Oklahoma State Senate as the minority leader (both Oklahoma House and Senate are controlled by the Republicans who have the majority in both).

James Cooper was elected recently to the Oklahoma City Council representing Ward 2. A former Oklahoma City public school teacher, James Cooper is very open about his homosexuality. David Holt, mayor of Oklahoma City and a Republican, not only marched in support with Cooper and the homosexual community to city hall for Cooper’s swearing in ceremony, Holt tweeted “Cooper’s election shows City Hall is for ‘OUR neighbors who have not always felt welcome’” (Associated Press, “Oklahoma City’s First Openly Gay Councilman Sworn In,” April 9, 2019, KFOR.com, https://kfor.com/2019/04/09/oklahoma-citys-first-openly-gay-councilman-sworn-in/, accessed June 3, 2019).

In 2018, Democrat Kendra Horn defeated Republican Steve Russell for Oklahoma’s 5th district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, shocking the Republican Party and probably the entire nation.  This is the first time since 1974 that the 5th district seat has been occupied by a Democrat. Horn, a lesbian, voted for the Equality Act that would make rights for the LGBTQ+ community superior over the rights of all other Americans and destroy the religious freedoms of Christians and other religious Americans in the United States.


One of the most disgusting things to happen in Oklahoma is the introduction of the Drag Queen Story Hour – for children! Sunnyside Diner in downtown Oklahoma City hosts this horrifying spectacle one Saturday a month; Tulsa has its own version at Bound for Glory Books.

This is how Drag Queen Story Hour is promoted on EventBrite:

“Oklahoma City Drag Queen Story Hour is just what it sounds like – glittering, magical drag queens reading progressive literature to children of all ages! Oklahoma City Drag Queen Story Hour celebrates reading fun and being whomever you want to be! Children, and their families, will join in a fun afternoon, led by local drag superstar, Ms. Shantel! Ms. Shantel will read a story, lead the children in a craft, and we will wrap with a dance party! Dress up in your most smashing attire and get ready to have a blast!” (EventBrite, https://www.eventbrite.com/o/oklahoma-city-drag-queen-story-hour-16910486552, accessed June 3, 2019).

It is even more nauseating to discover that “Ms. Shantel” is actually a man who has been a teacher in Oklahoma City schools for a number of years (Robin Dorner, “OKC’s Drag Queen Story Hour Features Ms. Shantel,” April 12, 2018, The Gayly, https://www.gayly.com/okc’s-drag-queen-story-hour-features-ms-shantel, accessed June 3, 2019).

It’s bad enough that Oklahoma Christian University, supposedly founded as a Christian university, allows drag queen events on campus, sponsored by the university, and allows a LGBTQ group to operate freely on campus. A man dressed up as a woman reading homosexual books like King and King to small children is specifically designed to destroy their innocence. I agree with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro on this. He says the transgender movement targeting small children is EVIL, and I wholeheartedly shout, “AMEN!”

My parents used to rail against sex education classes being taught at the junior high and high school level. This is nothing compared to what is going on now in the Sooner State. I predict the culture in Oklahoma will continue to deteriorate and worsen unless Oklahoma’s Christians wake up and stand up against an abomination like this.

Oklahoma, a conservative state? Not so much anymore.



by David Schnittger

We are now in June, 2019. This month is generally recognized as the beginning of the primary season for the 2020 presidential election. Because of this I am bringing two Front Line articles on the topic, “Why I am working to reelect Donald Trump.” This is the second of those articles. It is my hope that these two articles will encourage you, not only to vote for Donald Trump’s reelection, but also to give and work for his reelection as well.

Although, at present, there is a crowded field of over 20 Democrat presidential candidates, with former Vice-President Joe Biden as the clear front runner. Quoting from the May 29, 2019 edition of The Hill, in an article entitled, “Poll: Biden has 18-point lead on Democratic field, Sanders only contender in double digits.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads his nearest primary contender by 18 points, further solidifying his status as the crowded field’s front-runner . . . A Morning Consult poll shows Biden with the support of 38 percent of Democratic primary votes, beating out Sen. Bernie Sanders(I-Vt.) his nearest competitor, who was supported by 20 percent of the respondents. Biden and Sanders are the only two candidates who had support in the double-digits.”

Since Biden is the presumed Democrat candidate at this point, let’s consider some things about Biden’s over 40 years in public office. The first remarkable thing I notice about Biden’s 36 years in the Senate and 8 years in the White House, is how thoroughly unremarkable are his accomplishments. There is not a single piece of legislation that has his name on it.

Biden is also known for his remarkable flip-flops. In 1996, he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, affirming heterosexual marriage. Yet, in 2011-2012, he was the earliest Obama official to openly support homosexual marriage.

He also supported the Iraq war in 2003, while he was the chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Committee. When he ran on the Obama ticket in 2008, he was opposed to the Iraq war.

He supported the 1994 Clinton Crime bill. This anti-drug legislation resulted in long prison sentences for non-violent drug possession, disproportionately targeting African Americans. Now, he supports decriminalizing drugs. Will the real Joe Biden please stand up?

Now let’s talk about the Biden Scandals. It has recently come to light that Biden used the powers of the White House to the direct advantage of his son, Hunter. Let me explain. In 2016, Biden’s son, Hunter, was dishonorably discharged from the U.S. military for cocaine use. Within a few months, Hunter was serving on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, making $50,000 per month. The name of the company was Burisma Holdings, owned by Myklova Zlochevsky. Mr. Zlochevsky had served in the government of the former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich. He fled the country not long after the collapse of Mr. Yanukovich’s government in 2014, and the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office opened multiple investigations into him and his businesses. In short, Zlochevsky was a corrupt oligarch that was being investigated by the Ukrainian government for money laundering and abuse of office.

Enter Vice-President Joe Biden, who visited the Ukraine in 2016. While in the Ukraine, Biden threatened to withhold one billion tax dollars from Ukraine unless the general prosecutor was fired. Bowing to Biden’s blackmail, the general prosecutor was fired, taking the heat off of Burisma Holdings. Hunter Biden continued to served on the board, making $50,000 per month, until earlier this year. The decision to reopen the investigation into Burisma Holdings was made in March of this year by the current Ukrainian prosecutor general, who had cleared Hunter Biden’s employer more than two years ago. Because of Biden’s blackmail, using U.S. tax dolloars, his son, Hunter, was able to clear over a million dollars as a board member of Burisma Holdings.

Another Joe Biden scandal has to do with his serial fondling and groping of women and young girls. Biden is a shameless sexual abuser, who openly fondles woman and girls, on camera. He is so notorious for his misbehavior with women, that Secret Service agents and their wives avoid him as much as possible. In the midst of the Me-Too Movement, Biden is the last person you would want occupying the oval office.

Friends, it is my frank opinion, that if Creepy Joe Biden becomes our next president, the America we know and love will be over. There will be a return to the Obama policies that practically ruined America. Plus, we will see persecution of Christians and political conservatives at an unprecedented level.

The Lord, in His mercy, has granted America a “Nineveh Moment”, a moment of mercy, for Americans to repent, return to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and time to restore the Republic to its Constitutional roots. This moment may never come again. Trump is not a perfect man, but he is our last best hope to restore America. He loves America, He is not out to get us, and he does not have to do this. I plan to give, to pray, and to work to reelect Donald J. Trump. I trust you will join me in this historic campaign.


by David Schnittger

We are now in June, 2019. This month is generally recognized as the beginning of the primary season for the 2020 presidential election. It is my hope that the Front Line article today and next week will encourage you, not only to vote for Donald Trump’s reelection, but also to give and work for his reelection as well.

It was on June 16, 2015 when Donald Trump descended the escalator at Trump Tower in New York City to announce his candidacy for President of the United States. The news media erupted in howls of laughter and derision at the prospect of a scandal ridden real estate developer from Manhattan mounting a serious challenge to multiple establishment politicians from both political parties. Not only did Trump dispatch 15 other Republican candidates during his self-funded primary campaign, he then went on beat Hillary Clinton, despite her two-billion dollar campaign.

This outsider, who had never held any previous political office, shocked the world and rocked the establishment with a decisive electoral college victory.

Let’s consider for a moment the monumental nature of Trump’s victory:

First, he defeated two political dynasties. On the Republican side, was the Bush dynasty. On the Democrat side, was the Clinton dynasty.  He defeated Jeb Bush, the heir apparent to daddy Bush and brother Bush, who collectively served as president or vice president for 20 years. At the beginning of the primary season four years ago, Jeb Bush was the presumptive Republican nominee. With a war chest of 150 million dollars and the might of the Republican establishment machine at his disposal, Jeb was the man to beat. Within a fairly short period of time “low energy Jeb” dropped out of the race. One by one the other candidates dropped out and by the end of April 2016, Trump had sewn up the Republican nomination.

When the general election campaign began in September 2016, Trump faced Hillary Clinton, who had stolen the Democrat nomination from Bernie Sanders. Facing a former first lady, senator and secretary of state, with vast financial resources and all the power of the Democrat political machine, the mainstream media was united in declaring that Donald Trump did not have a chance to beat Hillary. This is when the forgotten men and women of America stood up and spoke out. While Hillary coughed, sputtered and stumbled to poorly attended rallies a couple times a week, Trump was barn storming the country, often speaking at two or three jampacked rallies a day. Often, he would pull up his Trump plane to the tarmac and walk to a packed hanger with standing room only crowds. After electrifying the audience with an “America First” message, he would get back on his plane and fly to the next rally. By the end of the general election campaign, Trump had honed his message down to a few simple thoughts: “Build The Wall,” “Drain the Swamp,” and “Lock Her Up.”

Trump’s brilliant campaign strategists insisted that the Trump campaign had to expand the map into Wisconsin and Michigan, while doubling down on Pennsylvania. Election night, November 8, 2016 started out as a real nail biter. Clinton jumped out to an early electoral advantage, but as the evening melted into the early morning hours, Trump pulled ahead, winning all the critical swing states, scoring an electoral college victory of 312 votes, well above the required number.

Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, and we are now nearly 2 ½ years into his presidency. During this time, he has been hamstrung by the 35 million-dollar witch hunt known as the Mueller investigation. This exhaustive investigation, which sought to pressure Trump associates into lying about the president, eventuated in exonerating Trump from charges of colluding with Russia. He has also endured constant criticism by the mainstream press, and unending obstruction and investigation by the Democrats in Congress. Despite these mammoth obstacles, consider just a few of Trump’s accomplishments in office:

THE TRUMP ECONOMIC RECORD:President Trump pushed Congress to enact the largest tax cuts for the American people since President Reagan. He cut the top tax rate on businesses from 35% to 21% – to make America an attractive place to build a business again. He has also slashed tax rates for citizens, as well as doubling the standard deduction as well as exemptions for dependents.

President Trump has signed more laws to slash unnecessary federal regulations and bureaucratic red tape than any President in American history. This slashing of regulations is saving American businesses more than $18 billion a year in costs.

  • President Trump is accomplishing what no modern American president has been able to do, that of making America energy-independent. For the first time, America is meeting all of its own energy needs and is an exporter of American energy. He has approved the building of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.
  • President Trump has saved the American people $3 TRILLION DOLLARS over the next 10 years by withdrawing from the Paris climate accord.
  • The economy under President Trump is growing twice as fast as it was under Barack Obama, and we have seen GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT grow at a rate of 3% during 2018.

The U.S. economy has created more than three million new jobs under President Trump, and unemployment in the manufacturing sector has dropped to a record low of just 2.6%.

  • More than $8 TRILLION DOLLARS in new wealth has been created under president Trump.
  • Average hourly wages are up. As a result, welfare rolls are decreasing as more Americans are going back to work. Food stamp use has plunged to an 8- year low under President Trump.
  • Consumer confidence, which drives economic growth, is at an 18 year high under president Trump.


When Congress was unable to get the votes to completely end ObamaCare, President Trump canceled much of ObamaCare on his own. Specifically, President Trump . . .

  • Ended the billions of dollars in illegal taxpayer subsidies for insurance companies.
  • Made it easier for lower and middle income citizens to buy plans off the exhanges that are half the cost of the ObamaCare plans.
  • Announced that the IRS will no longer fine people who don’t have health insurance.
  • Ended the outrageous Obama requirement that you must purchase health insurance that includes coverage for abortion.


  • He successfully moved the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018, Israel’s 70th birthday.
  • At his urging, NATO countries radically increased their defense spending.
  • He has defused tensions with North Korea
  • He dismantled NAFTA, and is negotiating trade deals with Mexico and Canada that are more favorable to America
  • He is renegotiating trade policies with China to mitigate our trade deficit.

Space fails me to catalog other victories Donald Trump has won on behalf of the American people. In my next article, I will deal with the Democratic challenger Trump will most likely face in winning reelection in 2020.


By Carol Rushton

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who is a homosexual and running for president as a Democrat, recently announced that Thomas Jefferson’s name should be removed from all political dinners honoring him and they should be renamed because Jefferson owned slaves.

Buttigieg was doing an interview on conservative Hugh Hewitt’s show when Hewitt asked him about his position concerning renaming Jefferson-Jackson political dinners and events.

Buttigieg responded, “Yeah, we’re doing that in Indiana. I think it’s the right thing to do. Over time, you develop and evolve on the things you choose to honor . . . Jefferson is more problematic [than Jackson]. There’s a lot, of course, to admire in his thinking and his philosophy, but then again if you plunge into his writings, especially the notes on the state of Virginia, you know that he knew slavery was wrong” (Cameron Cawthorne, “Buttigieg on Renaming Things Named After Thomas Jefferson: ‘It’s the Right Thing to Do,” Washington Free Beacon, May 17, 2019, https://freebeacon.com/politics/buttigieg-on-renaming-things-named-after-thomas-jefferson-its-the-right-thing-to-do/, accessed May 23, 2019).

Buttigieg’s position in the Democrat Party is not new. For at least the last five years, Democrats have supported the removal, not only of names of Founding Fathers from monuments, streets, and schools but also the removal of statues honoring Americans throughout our history, both good and bad.

Should Jefferson’s name be removed from any or all events and entities bearing his name?

I think it’s important to point out some things about Thomas Jefferson that the vast majority of Americans do not know.

Thomas Jefferson was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1769. His first official act as a legislator was to present a bill allowing slave owners to free their slaves (Allison, Cook, Maxfield, Skousen, The Real Thomas Jefferson, The National Center for Constitutional Studies, 1983, pg. 46). This was seven years before Jefferson would write the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson writes about what happened to his attempt to end slavery in Virginia in his autobiography:

“In 1769 I became a member of the legislature by the choice of the county in which I live, and so continued until it was closed by the Revolution. I made one effort in that body for the permission of the emancipation of slaves, which was rejected; and indeed during the regal government nothing liberal could expect success.”

The “regal government” Jefferson writes about is the government of England’s King George III. Some Americans had been agitating for years to end slavery in their colonies, most notably Pennsylvania. But England had a vested interest in not allowing its American colonies to end slavery. England’s slave trade was extremely lucrative for the government and many private citizens who benefited from it, including the owners of the slave ships and their crews, and plantation owners who acquired vast fortunes on the backs of slave labor. For instance, according to The Abolition Project website, Great Britain’s sugar plantations in the West Indies, with which they staffed with African slaves, “were Britain’s most valuable colonies. By the end of the eighteenth century, four million pounds came into Britain from its West Indian plantations, compared with one million from the rest of the world” (“British Involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, “ The Abolition Project, http://abolition.e2bn.org/slavery_45.html, accessed May 23, 2019).

The Abolition Project continues that from “1750 and 1780, about 70% of the government’s total income came from taxes on goods from its colonies. The money made on the Transatlantic Slave Trade triangle was vast and poured into Britain and other European countries involved in slavery, changing their landscapes forever. In Britain, those who had made much of their wealth from the trade built fine mansions, established banks such as the Bank of England and funded new industries.”

It’s important to note that most of the slaves were never transported into England itself – just into its colonies, which included the American colonies. As long as England was involved in profiting from the slave trade, it could never allow any American colony to outlaw slavery.

You may not also know that when he wrote the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson included charges against King George III for slavery that were deleted before the final draft. In these slavery charges, Jefferson described slavery as a “cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him . . . Determined to keep open a market where Men should be bought & sold, he has prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit or restrain this execrable commerce.”

Jefferson also brought the indictment against England for offering black American slaves their freedom if they would join the Tories and fight against the American colonists after they had taken them forcibly from their homes in Africa and sold them into slavery! “And that this assemblage of horrors might want no fact of distinguished die, he is now exciting those very people to rise in arms among us, and to purchase that liberty of which he has deprived them, by murdering the people on whom he has obtruded them: thus paying off former crimes committed again the Liberties of one people, with crimes which he urges them to commit against the lives of another.”

This entire passage was removed because some of the Southern colonies, who were heavily invested in slavery, objected. In order to get the Declaration passed among the delegates, that passage had to be removed.

You might say, “Well, that’s all fine and good. But Jefferson didn’t free his slaves upon his death while George Washington did.”

George Washington died in 1799, Jefferson died in 1826. In between that time, Virginia still allowed slave owners to free their slaves but Virginia changed the laws and made it more expensive to free slaves. Jefferson was what we would describe today as “land rich, cash poor.” He was deeply in debt and could not afford to free his slaves, which giving his strong stance against slavery, I’m sure he very much wanted to do. Jefferson loved books and wine and had expensive tastes, which probably contributed to his huge debt and which we can all debate and discuss in 2019. But it doesn’t change the fact that Jefferson could not financially afford to free his slaves, either in life or death.

The slaves Jefferson acquired throughout his life have also been an issue. Jefferson actually inherited most of his slaves when he was 14 years old upon his father’s death and also through his father-in-law.

At this point, someone will probably raise the old canard of Jefferson having an affair with Sally Hemmings and fathering at least some of her children. David Barton in his book, The Jefferson Lies, refutes this.

In 1998, the American journal Science released the results of a DNA test that supposedly proved conclusively that Thomas Jefferson had indeed fathered the children of one of his slaves, Sally Hemmings. This report was trumpeted around the world and was headline news in the United States for weeks on end.

What was little reported on was the update that came eight weeks later. The researcher who wrote the report quietly renounced it, stating that the DNA test and subsequent research did not prove that Thomas Jefferson fathered any of Sally Hemmings’ children. Hemmings’ had named one of her children Thomas which many throughout history pointed to Jefferson as the father. But the report stated emphatically that the DNA test proved that Thomas Jefferson was not the father of Thomas Woodson (David Barton, The Jefferson Lies, 2012, pg. 8). All the participants had to admit that NO DNA sample from Thomas Jefferson had been used in the test.

In order to do a DNA test of this type, researchers would have needed a sample from a male descendent of Jefferson’s since the Y chromosome never changes throughout generations. Since Thomas Jefferson had no male descendants – his only son died shortly after birth – the researchers had to use a DNA sample from Thomas Jefferson’s uncle. Because the same DNA showed up in the descendants of Eston Woodson, Sally Hemmings’ youngest child, the researches could only determine that someone in the Jefferson family had fathered at least one, or maybe more, of Hemmings’ children.

But since there were twenty-six Jefferson males alive at that period of history and living in that same area of Virginia, which Jefferson could have fathered Hemmings’ children?

The researchers narrowed the field down to ten Jefferson men that could have logically been the father of Hemming’s children. After citing numerous analyses of the data available, Barton leans toward the conclusion of Hebert Barger, a genealogist and Jefferson historian that the most likely candidate is Thomas Jefferson’s brother, Randolph.

The names of several of Hemmings’ children – Harriet, Beverly, and Eston – are the same names of Randolph Jefferson’s children. Randolph was a frequent visitor at Monticello, the visits sometimes lasting long periods of time. One of the slaves at Monticello reported that Randolph Jefferson would often visit the slave quarters and “play the fiddle and dance half the night” with the slaves (David Barton, The Jefferson Lies, 2012, pg. 11). Barton quotes a lengthy report from the researchers that no reports exist of Thomas Jefferson spending any time at all at the slave quarters. Randolph Jefferson was also a widower, and Barton cites a report from the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation that Randolph could have conceived some of Hemming’s children between the period from the death of his first wife and subsequent remarriage.

To go into all the details of the evidence Barton and others present is beyond the scope of this article. For those who wish to read the entire account of all the evidence Barton presents clearing Jefferson of any possible sexual relationship with Sally Hemmings, I urge you to read his excellent book, The Jefferson Lies, still available on Amazon.

The last issue is that Jefferson believed in the separation of church and state.

The phrase, “separation of church and state,” was taken from a private letter Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist Church after he had become president. The church was concerned that their religious liberty would be violated under a Jefferson administration, and Jefferson wrote the letter to the church to assure them this would not happen.

In fact, when Jefferson was president, he would attend church services held in the Capitol building, either riding his horse or walking, every Sunday he was in Washington, D.C. Even more astounding, Jefferson actually gave the official Senate approval of allowing the Capitol building to be used to hold church services when he was President of the Senate (his being John Adams’ vice president and after Jefferson had already been elected president) (David Barton, “Church in the U.S. Capitol,” Wallbuilders,. https://wallbuilders.com/church-u-s-capitol/, accessed May 24, 2019). Even in 1867, church services were still held in the Capitol building.

If Jefferson truly believed in “the separation of church and state” as it is interpreted by current American courts, judges, and justices, Jefferson would never have allowed church services to be held in any United States federal government building.

Jefferson and his colleague Benjamin Franklin were tasked by the Continental Congress in July 1776 to design a seal for the new country, the United States of America. Jefferson and Franklin recommended a scene from the Bible depicting the Israelites in the wilderness after their exodus from Egypt with the pillar of fire that led them by night and the cloud during the day. If Jefferson did not think a secular government should promote any religion, in this case obviously Christianity, then Jefferson would not have approved the idea for the seal.

Barton again lays out the evidence that Jefferson was far from the irreligious deist modern historians have made him out to be. I quote from The Jefferson Lies, page 131:

In 1779 Jefferson became the governor of Virginia and introduced several bills into the state legislature, including:

  1. A Bill for Punishing Disturbers of Religious Worship and Sabbath Breakers

  2. A Bill for Appointing Days of Public Fasting and Thanksgiving

  3. A Bill Annulling Marriages Prohibited by the Levitical Law and Appointing the Mode of Solemnizing Lawful Marriage

  4. A Bill for Saving the Property of the Church Heretofore by Law Established

Jefferson personally penned the language for each proposal, and there was no hint of public secularism in any of them; instead, it was just the opposite. For example, Jefferson’s bill for preserving the Sabbath stipulated:

If any person on Sunday shall himself be found laboring at his own or any other trade or calling . . . except that it be in the ordinary household offices of daily necessity or other work of necessary or charity, he shall forfeit the sum of ten shillings for every such offense.

On page 132, Barton reveals that in 1780 Jefferson “ordered that an official state medal be created with the religious motto ‘Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.’”

The following are just some of the actions Jefferson took as president:

  1. Dedicated federal lands so that missionaries could teach and preach the Gospel to Indians

  2. Directed federal funds for the establishment of a Christian school for Cherokee Indians in Tennessee

  3. Dedicated federal funds for Christian missionaries and a church with the Kaskaskia Indians

  4. Deleting a clause in the 1797 U.S. treaty with Tripoli that “the United States is in no sense founded on the Christian religion” (The Jefferson Lies, pg. 135-136).

Can you image what the response would be of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, or any Democrat today if any Republican president did or tried to do even one of things Jefferson did? Apoplectic doesn’t even begin to describe the outrage; the Democrats would explode!

Some of the confusion with Jefferson’s views on Christianity comes from his opinion that no government should coerce its citizens to follow a particular religion or any religion at all. The choice should always be theirs.

I am also including some, and by no means all, quotes by Jefferson on Christianity and religion.

  1. Adore God; reverence and cherish your parents; love your neighbor as yourself, and your country more than life. Be just; be true; murmur not at the ways of Providence” – A letter in 1824 to newborn Thomas Jefferson Grotjan, named after Jefferson by his parents and named the former president the child’s godfather ((David Barton, “Advice from Thomas Jefferson,” Wallbuilders, https://wallbuilders.com/advice-from-thomas-jefferson-adore-god/, accessed May 26, 2019).
  2. [W]e are already about the 7th of the Christian nations in population” – An 1801 letter to U.S. Senator Gouverneur Morris stating that the United States of America is indeed a Christian nation, contradicting President Barack Obama (David Barton, The Jefferson Lies, pg. 135).
  3. Sir, no nation has ever yet existed or been governed without religion. Nor can be. The Christian religion is the best religion that has been given to man, and I as chief magistrate of this nation am bound to give it the sanction of my example” – Handwritten manuscript by Reverend Ethan Allen, (The Jefferson Monticello Foundation, https://www.monticello.org/site/research-and-collections/no-nation-has-ever-yet-existed-or-been-governed-without, accessed May 26, 2019).
  4. [T]he power of appointing Days of Public Fasting and Thanksgiving may be exercised by the Governor . . . Every minister of the Gospel shall, on each day so to be appointed, attend and perform Divine service and preach a sermon or discourse suited to the occasion in his church, on pain of forfeiting fifty pounds for every failure, not having a reasonable excuse” (“A Bill for Appointing Days of Public Fasting and Thanksgiving,” The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, ed. Boyd, 2:556).
  5. Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever: that considering numbers, nature and natural means only, a revolution of the wheel of fortune, an exchange of situation, is among possible events: that it may become probable by supernatural interference!” (Notes on the State of Virginia, The Jefferson Hour, https://jeffersonhour.com/blog/1249wwtjd, accessed May 26, 2019).

Pete Buttigieg is not worthy to lick the dust off of Thomas Jefferson’s boots.

BREAKING – The fight for America begins: Trump to invoke Insurrection Act that authorizes National Guard, military action inside U.S. borders

Friday, May 17, 2019 by: Mike Adams

This is bombshell breaking news.

According to sources cited by The Daily Caller, President Trump is poised to invoke the Insurrection Act to fight for America’s survival against the ongoing invasion of illegals who are flooding the United States as a tactic to destroy the country from within. The Daily Caller is now reporting:

According to multiple senior administration officials, the president intends to invoke the “tremendous powers” of the act to remove illegal immigrants from the country.

The Insurrection Act, passed by Congress in 1807, allows the president to deploy National Guard and U.S. military troops to combat “rebellion” against the United States of America. The Act has been invoked by other presidents to quell violent uprisings such as the L.A. Riots.

It is clear that President Trump now recognizes the open rebellion against America being committed by the Governor of California, mayors of “sanctuary cities” and fake news “journo-terrorists” who are brainwashing Americans to hate their own country. The ongoing land invasion of the United States of America is an act of war being openly supported by Democrats and Leftists who are using illegal immigration to nullify U.S. voters and overrun the United States with anti-American militants, criminals and terrorists. (See CivilWar.newsfor frequent updates on the coming civil war.) As Stewart Rhodes from Oath Keepers has accurately described, the illegal immigration is designed to import terror cells who plan to carry out a “Tet Offensive” inside the United States, once activated by enemies and traitors who are literally seeking the complete destruction of America.

It has also become obvious over the past few months that the tech giants are waging a coordinated conspiracy to nullify U.S. elections and crush democracy by selectively silencing all conservative voices on the dominant online platforms. This illegal conspiracy — pursued by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and other tech giants — represents an online insurrection against the United States of America, which is why I have repeatedly called for the deployment of military police to arrest the CEOs of these tech companies and force the platforms to respect the First Amendment liberties of the American people.

It is time for Trump to deploy the military police to arrest Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. And that’s just the start of what needs to happen to restore our democracy and the freedom to speak.

  • The radical Left is about to be triggered by the treasonous, deep-state run “mainstream” media to launch an attempted communist revolution and violent coup against America.
  • Trump fully realizes that a war against America has already begun, and he has decided to take decisive action to defend America using legitimate military forces and all the executive power available to the Commander in Chief.
  • California is committing planned treason against America by deliberately flooding the country with illegals and granting them the right to vote, allowing illegals to out-vote Americans in national elections. This is a form of electoral fraud that also stacks the U.S. House of Representatives with California-based members of Congress who are illegitimate.
  • Accordingly, California’s electoral college votes, U.S. Senators and members of the House must be nullified and barred from participating in federal legislative efforts or federal election results (such as the 2020 vote for the presidency). California should be banned from participating in all federal elections until the state enforces voter ID requirements and halts widespread, coordinated voter fraud (which is currently openly encouraged by California bureaucrats).
  • California has been infiltrated by communist China and is now run by the Chinese. Virtually the entire California media is now owned and operated by communist Chinese, and California’s governor and various mayors are puppets of communist China. They have been promised prominent positions in the Chinese-run “commie California” after the Chinese invasion takes over the West Coast, using California (and the L.A. port) as a beachhead to land troops and stage a land invasion of America.
  • The Governor of California must be declared an “enemy combatant” and arrested, then charged with treason against America. If found guilty, he should face the death penalty.
  • The Commander in Chief may deploy the National Guard and U.S. military troops to locate and detain domestic enemies who are actively committing acts of treason against America. This does not violate posse comitatus. The military may pursue the eliminate active enemies of America during a time of war, even when they are operating on U.S. soil.
  • Once Trump initiates the Insurrection Act, the lawless, deranged Left will immediately declare Trump to be a “military dictator” while calling for Leftists to take to the streets in armed rebellion against the rule of law. Leftists will open fire on Trump supporters, bomb government buildings and attempt to executive police officers and National Guard troops which are deployed to defend America. Pro-Trump Americans need to be prepared to defend themselves against the violence of the lawless Left.
  • The Governor of California will almost certainly order California-based National Guard troops to disobey President Trump’s federal orders. This may initiate an actual shooting war in California as Trump asserts federal control over National Guard troops while demanding the arrest of Governor Newsom.
  • Although this may not be part of Trump’s plan, technically the Insurrection Act grants the President the power to arrest the CEOs of California’s tech giants which are engaged in open acts of treason against our constitutional republic.
  • California looks likely to become the “front lines” of the civil war in America as anti-America forces carrying out treason against America — including Facebook, Google, YouTube, Apple and Twitter, all of which are heavily influenced by communist Chinese infiltration — attempt to overthrow the country and destroy our constitutional republic.
  • Pro-America citizens of California — especially those in rural areas — need to be prepared to find themselves on the front lines of an actual shooting war being waged across the West Coast. We urge patriots to avoid initiating violence, but be prepared to help stop it.
  • I am calling for all California-based patriots to be prepared to support Trump’s efforts to defend America by supporting the rule of law and supporting the actions of National Guard or U.S. military troops who are fighting for America’s very survival by seeking to root out and eliminate the enemies of America who are operating from the liberal cities of California.
  • President Trump likely needs the help of patriotic Americans to defend our borders, defend the rule of law and help authorized forces seek out and detain the treasonous enemies of America who are deliberately trying to destroy this nation from within.
  • If you are located in California, be ready to defend yourself against the violence of the lunatic Left, which is planning to unleash an armed insurrection that will target patriots, Christians, conservatives, Trump supporters and white people for extreme violence and murder. (The Left will literally start murdering people based on the color of their skin.)
  • If Democrats somehow manage to take the White House in 2020, they will immediately gut the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, unleashing nationwide gun confiscation, flooding the borders with millions of illegals, and arresting or executing all political dissidents (i.e. pro-America voices) in order to silence those with opposing views. We the People must not let Democrats ever seize power in America again, or they will use that power to destroy America and crush all patriots and conservatives. Under the power of Democrats, Christians would be hunted down and executed on sight. All Christian speech would be criminalized and Bibles would be outlawed, along with all civilian ownership of firearms.
  • The radical Left is an authoritarian, anti-American cult that has also demonstrated its dangerous lawlessness by censoring all online speech that opposes the deranged delusions of the progressive Left. This is an indicator of their true intent: Total authoritarian rule, complete with speech police and the elimination of those with opposing views. The Left has zero intention of respecting the rule of law, the Bill of Rights or any election laws whatsoever. Every election from this day forward will be stolen or fraudulently altered by Leftists who hate America and despise all pro-American patriots.
  • It is time for President Trump to deploy the military police to arrest and remove from power all those in government who are actively engaged in acts of treason, sedition and vote fraud. California’s political leaders must be arrested and prosecuted for running a massive vote fraud conspiracy that attempts to steal elections from American citizens.

Here’s a list of the enemies of America who are committing treason in an actual war effort to destroy this nation from within

All of these traitors must be identified, detained and removed from power by authorized forces before they succeed in destroying this nation:

  • Corrupt liberal judges who defy the President’s efforts to secure the U.S. border. It is time to arrest corrupt, anti-American judges and remove them from power.
  • Journo-terrorists who pretend to be journalists but are actually anti-American traitors spreading lies, hatred and insanity to indoctrinate liberals and leftists, whipping them up into an attempted “cultural revolution” that has literally driven millions of Leftists to the point of mass mental illness.
  • CEOs and top managers of the tech giants, which have now sold out to communist China and are using their power to selectively silence pro-America voices across all search engines, social media and online platforms. These tech giants must be occupied and either shut down or forced to respect a level playing field of online speech.
  • Antifa terrorists and other radical left-wing groups that promise an armed insurrection to attempt to overthrow the United States of America.
  • Deep state operatives who conspired to carry out a political coup against President Trump. (James Comey, Robert Mueller, John Brennan, etc.)
  • Liberal university professors who use their positions of influence to actively recruit students into domestic terrorism organizations such as Antifa.

It is crucial that President Trump knows he has widespread support from the American people

As all of this is about to go down, it is crucial that President Trump knows he has widespread support from the American people to take the actions necessary to defend this nation from its domestic enemies.

We the People will be tasked with supporting these efforts as Trump works to clean house and root out the treasonous traitors who are conspiring to destroy this great nation.

If we all succeed, we may once again restore democracy and the rule of law to America. If we fail, America falls to the authoritarian tyrants, and the nation will be deliberately dismantled and fed to the globalists.

We are now fighting for our lives. We are blessed to have Donald J. Trump as our President as America faces off against treasonous actors, deep state traitors and authoritarian globalists who despise this nation and what it stands for.

Be ready to literally fight for our survival and the defense of our nation. The end game has arrived, and California will be the front lines in the coming war.


By Carol Rushton

In June 1939, on the eve of World War II, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes of England visited the United States at the invitation of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was the first time any reigning member of the British royal family had dared to even think about making an appearance in their former rebellious colonies since 1776. Historic doesn’t even being to describe the visit.

Kate Smith was already by a legend by this time, in part because of the song she made famous – “God Bless America” – one of the most patriotic songs ever written, eventually recorded by hundreds of artists and performed at countless sport events and July 4th celebrations. President Roosevelt introduced her to the King and Queen of England as simply, “This is Kate Smith. Miss Smith is America.”

The recent brouhaha that has erupted over Kate Smith singing a few songs now considered racist, one of which that was meant to be satire and was also sung by Paul Robeson – a black man – HELLO – has to be one of the most insane things that I have witnessed recently, and I have witnessed a lot of insane things occurring in this country and the world over the last several months.

The mass hysteria over songs Smith sang years ago reached such outrageous proportions that the NHL Philadelphia Flyers covered Smith’s statue with a black cloth and then unceremoniously removed it entirely. Paul Robeson, who despite being a mouthpiece for the former Soviet Union, has been honored with numerous monuments in the United States, including a statue, a park, and a center on the campus of Rutgers University. Are those going to be removed because Robeson sang the same song Kate Smith did? Are we going to ban “God Bless America” from our airwaves and public events, no matter who sings it?

Just a few days ago, hundreds of Christians were murdered in Sri Lanka by ISIS terrorists for having the temerity to worship and celebrate Jesus Christ, their Risen Savior. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton couldn’t bring themselves to call them Christians – no, they were described as “Easter worshippers.” But a long-forgotten song that Kate Smith sang almost 100 years ago is what is supposed to be important, what we need to be obsessed over to the point where we need to ban, expel, and erase Smith from our culture and society??!!!

I will give you a real racist: Margaret Sanger, the founder of the organization now known as Planned Parenthood, one of the largest if not the largest abortion provider in the United States.

Abortions are responsible for the deaths of more black Americans than any other reason in the U.S. That is not according to me, that is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As reported by Rebecca Hagelin and TooManyAborted.com, “Abortion is the number one killer of black lives in the United States. More than HIV. More than heart disease. More than cancer. Abortion snuffs out more black lives than all other causes of death combined” (Rebecca Hagelin, April 23, 2017, “Planned Parenthood Founded on Racism, Belief in Protecting Society Against ‘The Unfit,’” The Washington Times, https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/apr/23/margaret-sanger-founded-planned-parenthood-on-raci/,


The reason a 2011 pro-life ad, “The Most Dangerous Place For An African American Is In The Womb,” that appeared in cities in New York and Florida angered the pro-abortionists so much that it was banned is because the ad is 100% true.

The vast majority of Americans have no idea what an absolute monster Margaret Sanger was. Sanger exposed her goal of eliminating black Americans in a 1939 letter. “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members” (Jennifer Latson, October 14, 2016, Time Magazine, “What Margaret Sanger Really Said About Eugenics and Race,” http://time.com/4081760/margaret-sanger-history-eugenics/, accessed April 28, 2019).

It is no accident that Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics are strategically placed in minority neighborhoods. Trust Women abortion clinics specifically state they want to provide their “services and access for those in underserved communities” (Trust Women website, https://trustwomen.org/clinics/seattle/general-information/about-us, accessed April 28, 2019). For example, the two abortion clinics in Oklahoma City are nowhere near the wealthy, well-to-do neighborhoods of Nichols Hills and Quail Creek in the northwest part of town. They are both located in the more impoverished parts of the city, one of which is surrounded by predominately poor black neighborhoods. Imagine that.

Since Sanger believed that blacks should be eliminated, it should not surprise you that she had no problem speaking at a Ku Klux Klan women’s meeting in 1926. On page 366 of her book, “An Autobiography,” Sanger described the event with chilling accuracy. “I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan . . . I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses . . . A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered” (Arina Grossu, May 5, 2014, “Margaret Sanger, Racist Eugenicist Extraordinaire,” Family Research Council, https://www.frc.org/op-eds/margaret-sanger-racist-eugenicist-extraordinaire, accessed April 29, 2019). Grossu’s conclusion in her article about Sanger’s willingness to ally herself with the KKK is spot on. “That she generated enthusiasm among some of America’s leading racists says something about the content and tone of her remarks.”

I’m pretty sure that Kate Smith never attended a Ku Klux Klan meeting of any sort, nor would she if she had been invited to one. In fact, the KKK denounced the song “God Bless America” because it was written by a Jewish immigrant, the great Irving Berlin. Smith ended up on the KKK’s hate list simply because she sang a song written by a Jew.

If we are going to ban Kate Smith from our history because of a few songs she sung years ago that no one remembers and most people could care less about, why aren’t Americans demanding that each and every abortion clinic in our country be closed because of Margaret Sanger’s horrifying racism toward blacks and other minorities?

I can confidently state that Kate Smith never wanted to “exterminate” the black race. I can also confidently state that Margaret Sanger did. Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers are carrying on Sanger’s racist legacy with resounding barbaric and malevolent success.

You can find more quotes by Margaret Sanger at the Tradition, Family, and Property Student Website, “21 Quotes by Margaret Sanger That Will Probably Make You Sick,” (https://www.tfpstudentaction.org/blog/margaret-sanger-quotes, accessed April 28, 2019).

The Alt Media Will Soon Be Gone Along with Trump and the Constitution: The Three Stages of a Revolution

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Most people in this country fail to recognize where they are at with regard to history. The majority do not see that we are already in a state of rebellion, a civil war, if you will. However, most people if they heard these words would believe that it was the average American that will be involved in a civil war, and they would be wrong!

Today, the rebellion has to do with the Deep State and their followers who rebelling against the legitimate authority, namely, the US government and its people. It is the George Soros’ who are in a state of rebellion.

There are 3 stages associated with a rebellion.

Stage One of the Revolution

The first stage of a revolution, is a war of ideas and a campaign for the truth. Certainly, fake news is at the center of this. The Russian collusion delusion also fits into this paradigm. Stage one is about the control of the narrative. Where I see the enemy at the gate, most of my friends and neighbors are sleeping through the unfolding attack. We are in a war of words and if we fail to use our words to awaken all of humanity, we are hopelessly lost and the globalists will carve us up for dinner. There is indeed strength in numbers and if we are unable to wake up our fellow countrymen, we will negate the only true tactical advantage that the people enjoy, which is ideological solidarity from a numerically superior force. It should now make sense to you as to why 98% of the media is controlled by globalist controlled business interests consisting of five mega corporations, who in turn are controlled one way or another, by the members of the Federal Reserve. In order to win this fight, we need more people speaking out, making videos and calling MSM talk shows. We especially need to reach the police and the military in order to remind them of their constitutional duty to protect the people against a tyrannical government, but this is not what we are seeing. Our counter to the control of the MSM, is to exclusively support the alternative media. If the Deep State is successful in taking down the alternative media, then it will become necessary to enact a type of Committees of Correspondence apparatus similar to what our Founding Fathers did in the pre-Revolutionary War period in our history. On the ground communication is timeless, effective and very difficult for a totalitarian government to negate.


Stage Two of the Revolution

Stage two of a revolution consists of civil disobedience.  WE ARE SEEING STAGE ONE GLOBALIST TACTICS BLEED OVER INTO THIS STAGE EVEN BEFORE THE COUP TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP IS COMPLETE. This stage has to do with George Soros and paid protesters. This is about a contrived racially motivated civil war. America has gone from a Republic to a police state in less than a generation. The evidence for this transformation is as follows and it has been a long time coming:

  1. The previous passage of the John Warner Defense bill removed all the firewalls between the people and subjugation by federally controlled troops. A scant few spoke out and nobody resisted.
  1. Can you say FEMA Camps? The passage of the NDAA, eliminated all due process as it permitted the administration to arrest and indefinitely detain any American without due process. This is what makes the Jade Helm political “Red List” extractions legal and subsequent population relocation legal. A scant few spoke out and nobody resisted.
  1. Obama’s declaration, through Executive Order 13603, proclaiming the authority to seize control over any and all assets in the country and to invoke slave labor at Obama’s whim. When the liberals reclaim the presidency in 2020, EO 13603 will prominently figure in our collective history. A scant few will speak out and nobody will resist. This is the blueprint for the total takeover of the US should the globalists ever recapture the White House and they will in 2020 as the backbone of the patriot movement, the Independent Media will soon gone, and so will Trump.
  1. Red flag gun laws that can seize your gun without due process. Any totalitarian regime can cut the legs out of a revolution by disarming the people.   A scant few will speak out and nobody will resist.

No matter what gun control laws that the Deep State brings to the American people, the people need to disobey as civil disobedience is our best friend.  However, passive disobedience is our VERY best friend. Most readers already know what happens when a civilian population surrenders its guns. If your knowledge of history is shaky, take a look at Pol Pot, Rwanda, Hitler, Stalin and Mao. The University of Hawaii tells us that that over 260 million people were killed by their governments in the 20th century and this was accomplished after gun confiscation. Any nation that gives up its guns, has sealed its fate.

When, not if, but when the Deep State comes for our guns, all of us have a constitutional duty to disobey these unlawful policies. And even if we manage to hang on to our guns, it is easy to predict the next move as Stalin invoked the practice of creating food shortages. You can count on this happening.

Stage Three: All Out War

A successful revolution cannot simply jump to stage three without having progressed through the first two stages and this is the strategy of the globalists as they are dragging the people to the battlefield of their choice. When Stalin’s forces were dragging a third of the Russians out of their homes, it was too late for the Russians to fight back because the ideological base of resistance, and a sense of collective action, through civil disobedience, had not been built. THIS WAS THE STALINIST OBJECTIVE OF THE PREVIOUS JADE HELM OPERATIONS WHICH TOLD US WHAT WAS COMING BUT THE NATION DID NOT LISTEN.

The Russian people were defeated by Stalin because they did not win stage one of the revolution. We desperately need to heed this lesson from history and embark on a tireless crusade to wake up our country as to the dangers that lie ahead. And even if the people are sufficiently awakened, it does not guarantee victory of any kind unless of course, the bravado crowd has stored directed energy weapons in their basements. Therefore, it is the duty of every awake American to educate their neighbors, family and friends, whether they want to hear the truth or not. Remember, any kind resistance to tyranny will not succeed unless there is an attitude of defiance towards the tyranny. Tyrants require minions to carry out their tyranny. Education about the present tyranny can lessen the size of the potential minion pool. Again, this is accomplished in stage one and we are almost out of time. People frequently ask me if I think we can mount an effective resistance and I respond that the odds are really against the people. This fact should not keep people from resisting with every fiber of their being. Further, resistance can evolve into adaptation and this could save the lives of your family.


Stage one is about regaining control of the White House with a globalist President. This is why trump faces, either assassination or impeachment on fake charges. The newest allegations that Trump is a racist that committed tax fraud is a part of this plot against the people. Even though Trump was exonerated by Mueller, the Democrats are keeping alive, in the public’s mind, that he was guilty. Stage one is nearly complete. Stage two is underway and our Constitution and the people, as a whole are under attack.  When Trump is out of the way, stages two and three will commence with a vengeance. If one wonders why I fight so hard against tyranny, you have learned the reasons.  Mike Pence is a globalist. He will make an excellent transition President. In the meantime, are you prepared so you and your family can adapt?





H.R. 5 – It’s All About Special Rights for the Destructive LGBTQ+ Agenda

There is a terrible bill working its way through Congress right now. It’s called the “Equality Act” – H.R. 5, and it’s anything but about equality.

Authored by openly homosexual Congressman David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island), this legislation aims to “expand” the 1964 (68 & 69) Civil Rights Act and its protections to include homosexuals, transgenders, and individuals who identify with other paraphilias (sexual deviant behaviors).  This bill will normalize perverse, destructive sexual activities while indoctrinating and harming children at elementary school level.

This legislation is nothing more than a Trojan Horse to stamp out God-Given rights of American citizens, which is enshrined in the United State Constitution.  This is an attack on life, the family, and the entire society as a whole.

If this bill passes and gets signed into law, these are some of the terrible outcomes that will follow:

  1. This bill will undermine the Civil Rights Movement which Black Americans, women and other minorities have fought for decades.
  2. Churches and ministries will be sued and lose their tax-exemption status if they do not accommodate LGBTQ+ lifestyles and comply with the normalizing of their deviant sexual behaviors.
  3. Children will be forced to learn about destructive LGBTQ+ behaviors in public schools as normative and even supreme over heterosexuality (i.e. Drag Queen Story Hours already promoted in many libraries).
  4. Parents who oppose LGBTQ+ History Pride curriculum will be charged with illegal discrimination.
  5. Colleges and universities (public and private) will lose funding, grants, and scholarships if they do not embrace this new LGBTQ+ supremacy.
  6. All public and education buildings will have bathrooms and gymnasium showers that must allow transgendered men into women’s facilities and transgendered women into men’ facilities.  Children will not be safe in these environments.
  7. All business owners will be forced to violate their freedom of conscience and religious liberties to accommodate all LGBTQ+ behaviors.
  8. Hospitals and clinics will be forced to offer experimental and harmful transgender treatments and hormone therapies for children.
  9. Foster and adoption agencies with convictions for the natural values of God-given parenting, of one man & one woman, will be forced to close, or must accommodate LGBTQ+ parenting.

Tell your House Representative to Vote NO on H.R. 5!


Washington, DC Office
Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone:  (202) 234-3121 (Switchboard Number)

For more information, please contact:  Arthur Schaper, Organization Director

Email:  arthur@massresistance.org
Phone:  (781) 890-6001


“Pilgrim’s Progress” Movie Review

by Paula Schnittger

C. S. Lewis said, “Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.”

That is the essence of “Pilgrim’s Progress.”

Years ago, I read “Pilgrim’s Progress” and then years later I read the children’s version to our kids. I have even taught the visualized children’s version to a group of children. The book made an impression on me so much that when I started reading the Narnia series by C. S. Lewis at age 14, I immediately recognized it as an allegory in the same vein as “Pilgrim’s Progress.”

Kristin Getty (modern day hymn writer with her husband) opened the movie by giving a background on John Bunyan, including the circumstances surrounding the writing of the book. Bunyan was in prison in the 1600s because of his faith. “Pilgrim’s Progress” has been translated and sold throughout the world and is only next to the Bible in its popularity. The writers and the animators did a great job of capturing the epic tale.

The timeline for Christian Pilgrim to reach the Celestial City was drawn out by Bunyan but it reflects many of the challenges and emotions that take a person from hearing the Word to the point of burdens being lifted at the cross. A person may go through that process quickly or it may take years since each of us are different. Bunyan captures that reality in the struggles of Christian to reach the “gate” and to move beyond. Each of us comes face-to-face with the hardships and the roadblocks that our enemy, Satan, throws in our path. Sometimes we wander off the trail and get caught in the swamp of despondency or end up in the castle of despair or face battles with evil forces that seem to overwhelm us at times. Bunyan does not show Christian as always the victor in every circumstance but he is shown as one unable to stand alone and who draws upon the strength of the Shepherd or others that are brought along as helpers.

One of my favorite things in “Pilgrim’s Progress” are the names of the people that Christian meets along the way. The names are indicative of their character: Worldly-wise, Obstinate, Pliable, Evangelist, Help and Mr. Legality, to name a few. But there are also the places that are indicative of the emotions and battles each Christian faces: City of Destruction, Slough (Swamp) of Despond, Land of Vain-glory, the Hill of Difficulty and the Celestial City.

After reaching the cross and having his burden of sin removed, Christian begins the life we all live in Christ that is accompanied by battles, deceptions and encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ. Christian goes through his life, learning how to draw upon the strength and wisdom that is available to him from the King of the Celestial City. At the very end he is confronted with the last great fear that many Christians have – fear of death. But he is reminded that it is the only way to enter the Celestial City and he goes through the waters where the enemy tries to wage one last battle against him. Christian is reminded that it was the blood of the Great Shepherd that was given up for him so that he could enter the city. Once he arrives, he is reunited with his good friends, Faithful and Hopeful, who had accompanied him along the way at different times. (Faithful had been martyred in Vanity Fair.)

If you have never read “Pilgrim’s Progress,” may I encourage you to do so. If the Elizabethan language is little hard to understand, there are numerous children’s versions. And, you can always watch the animated version!