The Top 5 Reasons Why the Elite Are Escaping Into Underground Bunkers


I have heard from two people who I personally know who have retreated deep underground. The first, a former FEMA official, did so nearly three years ago. The second did so in January of this year. They both told me that the number of elite who are opting to move underground are increasing exponentially. Previously, I had reported on the first person and his family as they “bugged out” with other FEMA/DHS retired personnel to form one underground survivalist community in anticipation of what, in his estimation, was coming. The following are reasons related to why, they say, the elite, and their senior associates are “bugging out” in ever larger numbers.

An Increasingly Deadly and Toxic Environment

Fukushima is often spoken of by many, as a possible extinction level event because of the radiation threat. Fukushima continues to wreak havoc upon the world and in the United States as we are being bathed in deadly radiation from this event.

Because of Fukushima, fish are becoming inedible and the ocean currents as well as the prevailing ocean winds are carrying deadly radiation. Undoubtedly, by this time, the radioactivity has made its way into the transpiration cycle which means that crops are being dowsed with deadly radiation from rainfall. The radiation has undoubtedly made its way into the water table in many areas and impacts every aspect of the food supply. The health cost to human beings is incalculable.

On a smaller scale, there are those who believe that there is going to be a serious of biological/chemical attacks which could render some areas to be dead zones. For my FEMA source that bugged out, this was his major fear. The net effect between the impact of a chemical/biological attack and the continued radiation assault upon the world, is very similar.

Fear of WW III: China is Willing to Start a War Over the TPP in Order to Isolate Taiwan

The Chinese are constructing and militarizing artificially constructed Islands which block the southern trade routes to Taiwan. This is an act of war. However, the Chinese are willing to go to great lenghts in order to take back Taiwan. This could be and would be a flash point for World War III. This could very well lead to a “blockade of trade” from seven of the TPP nations trading with Taiwan from the South. This would devastate Taiwan’s economy and have a sizeable impact on the US economy.

President Obama has sailed American warships into the disputed area as a show of force. This has increased the possibility of military conflict between China and the United States.


The Possibility of Internal Strife Leading to a Guerrilla War

America has a debt of $19 trillion dollars and the Credit Swap Derivatives debt is $1.5 quadrillion dollars. The economy is going to inevitably crash at some point.  This will lead to martial law. Just in time deliveries will stop and severe food shortages will ensue. Food riots will follow. In short, things could get very ugly, very quickly. This is the stuff that leads to revolutions. Gun confiscations will likely occur and this will exacerbate the chances for a full scale revolution. Some of the elite reportedly feel that there will not be any safe-zones left above ground if the country goes into economic meltdown followed by the fragmentation of society itself.

As I have documented several times before, there are UN forces poised to enforce martial law, through prior treaty agreements, just in case the American military will not go along the the coming gun confiscations and mass detentions that will accompany such an event. These events have been rehearsed under Jade Helm 15. There are a total of 1,455,375 active personnel in the US military. The United States has over 200,000 troops stationed in 144 countries. These 200,000 men and women will not likely be a factor in the coming conflict and will prove to be in grave danger in the coming global conflict. Consequently, the American people will have very few combat troops to protect its citizens since the vast majority are deployed overseas. This is a dangerous time for America, when, not if, the dollar collapses because we are vulnerable to a land invasion by Russia and China unlike any other time in our history.

I constantly have former military personnel write to my website and proclaim their allegiance to the Constitution and pledge to destroy all enemies both foreign and domestic. I do not doubt their resolve or courage, however, there are not 30 million combat ready veterans, with the technological means and military organizational skills who would be ready to fight as they frequently claim. There are only 1.8 million veterans who are under the age of 35, which would be the prime fighting age for any resistance force. This means that in the best case scenario, that any resistance that the occupation forces could muster would consist of about 2.5 million men who have combat training in both our active duty personnel and our veterans. They would meet the fate of Spartacus as they would undoubtedly meet a similar fate. The mere size of the army that the Chinese could muster, in addition to the DHS, and the Russians, would dwarf any force that the American people could place on the battlefield. And if the confrontation came following a power grid take down, the odds would be worse. I am told that a resulting “grid down” scenario is yet another resulting factor driving the elite deep underground.

The only choice that this country would have to resist the coming occupation and genocidal purge would be to make the war a guerrilla war. The elite are looking for a refuge away from the potential carnage.

Russia Is Willing to Start a Nuclear War Over Syria

Syria and Iran, at the behest of Putin, are destroying the American economy by running from the only backing that the American dollar enjoys, namely, the Petrodollar. The world is running from the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and it all started, in earnest, in Syria and Iran. In effect, the BRICS, who are behind this strategy and events have declared war upon the United States. The coming war is a definite possibility, it is just a matter of when, not if.

The Russians, fighting to preserve Assad in Syria, have exchanged threats with Israel to stay out of Syria. Putin has threatened to nuke the US if it invades Syria or Iran. The Chinese back Putin on these issues. The Russians and the United States have military forces inside of Syria. Any combination of these events could invariably lead to World War III.

Conflict arising in Syria could be the quickest route to an all-out nuclear exchange. Presently, the Russian and American pilots can see each other inside of Syria as they fly on their respective missions. This is a prescription for the unfolding of a disaster of unprecedented proportions. Putin has been quoted, several times, in which he states that the world is very close to World War III.  The elite are prudent to seek refuge and so would we, if we only had the means to do so.

The Spread of Deadly Pathogens Leading to a Pandemic



The mass immigration of so-called Muslim “refugees” into Europe and soon-to-be the United States, could prove to have some very direct consequences upon the civilized world. Many of the “refugees” have professional relationships with the drug trafficking rings of the area. In particular, are the drug corridor routes coming out West Africa to the Middle East, and now Europe. With the United States being on hit parade for Muslim “refugees” drug trafficking cannot be far behind. The Muslim Brotherhood and their associates (e.g. Hamas) control the drug trafficking in the Middle East, with corridor routes into Europe. The Sanchez Peredes drug cartel out of Peru controls drug trafficking for North, South and Central America. All of these drug trafficking routes run through West Africa, a proven hotbed for Ebola. Reportedly, this has the elite very nervous about what could lie ahead. Immigrants and ebola, sounds far-fetched doesn’t it? Except it happened in the Summer of 2014.


Why are the elite going into hiding by escaping into deep underground bunkers? Because they have some degree of common sense while they leave the rest of us, left above ground, to face the consequences for the conditions that the elite have forced upon humanity. Do you have a safe refuge? Are you going to be invited to the elite’s underground party? What are you going to do?