Paul-Warren Dinger is the descendant of devout protestant colonists (on both sides) in Philadelphia, where America was born. He is the descendant of an American Revolution soldier. He is the founding editor of the Boston Review of the Arts and a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.



Carol Rushton is a co-founder of Southwest Prophecy Ministries and a regular writer for our Last Days Beacon articles.  As the eldest daughter of the late Noah Hutchings, one of the foremost Bible Prophecy scholars of the last 60 years, Carol has literally spent all of her life since the 8th grade studying and writing about Bible Prophecy.  She lived in Jerusalem for eight years as a writer for The Jerusalem Post during the 1990s.  She co-wrote The Christian Cleansing of America with her father and has written numerous articles and taped countless radio broadcasts dealing with Bible Prophecy, Israel and current events.