Sean Hannity In Crosshairs For Speaking Truth About Seth Rich

Kelleigh Nelson

by Kelleigh Nelson

Nazi Minister, Joseph Goebbels once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”  The last time a group of socialists told a “big lie,” six million Jews died.  The Democrats are now telling a “big lie” about Russia.  The fact that people believe this lie, and help to spread it, shows us why it was so easy for the Nazis to kill six million Jews.  History is repeating itself…in America.  The Democrats are bringing upon us a calamity that will haunt our Republic for generations.  The word “Democrat” has become to us and our offspring, a curse.  Vinnie James, Black American Musician

Fox News host Sean Hannity began losing advertisers amid heightened controversy surrounding his decision to draw attention to the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich.  Hannity first raised concerns about Seth Rich and WikiLeaks back in August of 2016.

However, in recent weeks, Hannity has repeatedly pushed the claim that Rich was not the victim of a botched robbery, as authorities suspect, but rather that he was killed for providing WikiLeaks with internal DNC emails.

Seth Rich Murdered

Roger Stone says our President should order the FBI to take over the investigation of the Rich murder, and I agree with him.  Even Congressman Blake Farenthold, (R-TX) was attacked by CNN for calling for a federal investigation into Seth Rich’s murder.

Private eye, Rod Wheeler, a former DC police detective, was investigating for the Rich family, but being paid by a third party.  The local police claimed Rich was murdered because of a botched robbery, yet his wallet, cash, ring, and valuables were on his body.

There seems to be too much collusion between the DC Mayor and police department in calling this a robbery.  Rich was shot in the back and left for dead while walking home from a bar at 4:20 a.m.

Seth Rich and WikiLeaks

Fox5 in Washington D.C. released a report claiming that DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks prior to his murder in July 2016. The report claimed Rod Wheeler had found tangible evidence of a connection to Rich and WikiLeaks on Rich’s computer. He was suspected as the possible source for the DNC leaks which began during the presidential campaign.

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange offered a $20 K reward for the murder of Seth Rich.  What clearer indication could you have had that Rich was his source?  Rich was not a low-level grunt at the DNC, he was the head of the IT division.  He was also a Sanders supporter, which well could be the motive for the leaks, and would shut down the whole claptrap story of Russia being involved…which there isn’t a shred of evidence to support.

Rod Wheeler even stated that senior DC police officers told him they were ordered to stand down on this murder investigation, and Wheeler is a respected former police investigator with ties to those inside the police department.

Now Seth Rich’s parents have changed their story.  They initially stated that they did not believe this was a robbery.  Even Rich’s father was quoted as saying, his ring, his wallet, cash etc. were still on him, but now they seem to be backing off and trying to discredit the work of Detective Wheeler.  Threats and payoffs?

Federal Investigator Agrees with Wheeler

A federal investigator corroborated what Wheeler told Fox News, speaking on the condition of anonymity, saying, “I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks.” He stated that the emails are in the possession of the FBI, as the stalled case remains open but at a supposed dead end.

The federal investigator said there are a total of 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments, correspondence between Democratic National Committee leaders, which were transferred from Rich to WikiLeaks’ Gavin MacFadyen before May 21st, 2016. They spanned a period covering January of 2015 thru May of 2016. [Link]

The DNC never allowed the FBI to examine their supposedly hacked servers despite multiple requests at different levels.  Former Director Comey confirmed as much while testifying under oath and couldn’t explain why the DNC rebuffed the FBI’s request for a firsthand examination.  But the FBI didn’t need their approval to take their computers!

In Dec. 2016, DNC hired cybersecurity firm, Crowdstrike, which later released a report asserting that Russia was involved in hacking the DNC, and then retracted that statement.

Who Really Murdered Seth Rich

According to the D.C. Metro PD Public Incident Report, CCN #16113797 Seth Rich was shot at 4:20 a.m. on July 10, 2016.  Three of these police were wearing body cameras, but all the film has “disappeared,” or never been released.  And what about cameras in Rich’s neighborhood?  Apparently one caught a grainy version of two men approaching and shooting Rich from behind.

The public narrative reads as follows: “The decedent was conscious and breathing with apparent gunshot wound(s) to the back. The decedent was transported to local area hospital and was pronounced by attending physician at 0557 hours.”  Really?  He was pronounced dead at 5:57 a.m.?

The report makes it clear that the DNC staffer was “conscious and breathing” when he was transported to a local area hospital.

Based on a May 16, Intellihub report by Shepard Ambellas titled: “D.C. surgeon who operated on Seth Rich: ‘The DNC staffer was alive and well after surgery, before a group of Law Enforcement Officers showed up to the ICU’.” Rich was taken to Medstar Washington Hospital Center which is located just 3 minutes away from where he was shot.

According to Ambellas’ Intellihub report, “A 4-year resident surgeon at Washington Hospital Center claims that Seth Rich was alive and recovering well in facility’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after being treated for a total of 3 routine gunshot wounds — that is until a number of law enforcement officers arrived eight hours later kicking most everyone out of the ICU and physically barring doctors and others from attending to Rich.”  (Three gunshot wounds from two bullets, one entering and exiting, and one just entering.)

So, who was attending to Rich as all of this was taking place?  What Intellihub reported smells to high heaven wherein Seth Rich was actually left to die without any attending.

What is the truth, and will we ever know it?  Did Rich die at 5:57 a.m. or was he operated on and expected to survive, and then purposely expunged?

Police sources close to the investigation said there had been seven arrests linked to armed robberies in the Rich neighborhood that happened just days before he was killed. Those arrests were made after his murder, and there were three guns that were recovered after the apprehension.  However, none of those firearms matched with the ballistics in Rich’s murder.

Wheeler Sent Cease and Desist Letter

And here’s an ugly little connection…Brad Bauman is now the Rich Family spokesman. He is a crisis public relations consultant working with the Pastorum Group. A media release from the Pastorum Group reveals that Bauman previously worked for the DNC and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  They strongly supported Hillary and SEIU is a client of the Strategic Consulting Group, which was founded by the Democratic operative Robert Creamer, who is close to Robby Mook,” Clinton’s former campaign manager.

Wheeler was sent a cease and desist letter on behalf of the Rich family by Joseph Ingrisano of the law firm Kutak Rock LLP. Kutak Rock has a long history of incredibly close affiliation with DNC politicians.  Kutak also has ties to the Rose Law Firm, which was at the center of the infamous Whitewater Controversy during the 1990’s. Hillary Clinton as well as White House staffer Vince Foster both practiced law at Rose. [Link]

Who is the Deep State?

It’s mainly intelligence agencies, but also the owned media, and even deeper…and they are out to destroy those who stand in their way of a new communist America.  They absolutely hate Trump because he is not part of the globalist establishment, and he won the hearts of the American people.  Every news story put out by the media claims anonymous sources or current and former officials.

Remember Obama appointed his minions as civil servants before he left office.  Dick Morris tells us they can’t be fired, but the federal government terminated almost 12,000 federal employees in 2009. Since government employees, as compared to private sector employees, are vested with additional constitutional procedural rights before they may be terminated, firing a civil servant is more difficult and takes more time, but it can and should be done. Link  Sessions should do it and do it now to stop the leaks.

Who is Behind Hannity Attack?

None other than the former conservative turned socialist liberal, David Brock and Media Matters, (MM) who is funded by…you guessed it!  George Soros.   MM is known for its aggressive criticism of conservative journalists and media outlets, including its “War on Fox News.”

The former conservative turned liberal, David Brock, is now aligned with leftist elitists.  John Podesta, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, and chairman of Hillary’s campaign, provided office space for Media Matters early in its formation at the Center for American Progress, a Democratic think tank which Podesta established in 2002.  Brock is also very close to Hillary Clinton, and Podesta actually writes for MM.

Jeff Bezos and the CIA

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, who is worth $89 billion, bought the Washington Post (WaPo) even though it was losing money, because it is influential in politics and creates public perception of the news, in other words, it lies with impunity, as does all leftist media.

Amazon signed a data processing and storage contract with the CIA in 2015, and Bezos is close to that agency – perhaps very close.  The CIA contract is for $600 million, at least twice what Bezos paid for the Post in 2013. The contract is supposed to be a deal for Bezos and his web-based business to build the CIA a private cloud for intel data.  WaPo attacks President Trump daily with false stories that most likely come from the CIA.  Bezos hired several Democrat Party insiders, including John Podesta. Put all that together, and you are looking at an example of the deep state.

Amazon has a bad history of currying favor with the U.S. government’s “national security” establishment. The media watch group FAIRpointed out what happened after WikiLeaks published State Department cables: “WikiLeaks was booted from Amazon’s webhosting service AWS. So, at the height of public interest in what WikiLeaks was publishing, readers were unable to access the WikiLeaks website.”

What emerges now is what, in intelligence parlance, is called an ‘agent of influence’ owning the Post — with a huge financial interest in playing nice with the CIA,” said former CIA official Ray McGovern. “In other words, two main players nourishing the national security state in undisguised collaboration.” [Link]


There’s so much more, but it’s doubtful we’ll ever really know the full story.  Sean Hannity came close to losing his job when Soros’s minions pressured his advertisers to drop him because of his Seth Rich expose.

Where is CIA Director Michael Pompeo, what does he know, and what is he doing about all of this?

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