Ron Edwards

By Ron Edwards
July 22, 2016

As “We The People” witness the ongoing presidential political race, it is very easy to see a clear and present difference between the two camps. However, it comes down to what voters genially desire. Not since the Gipper, Ronald Reagan took on and first defeated Jimmy Carter and for his second term Overwhelmed Walter Mondale has there been such an opportunity to choose between such distinct paths for America. On the left the direction simply continues on at the record speed of destruction that has been the hallmark of the Obama administration.

It is bad enough that Our economy is wheezing under the pressure of record debt and deficits. President Obama has pandered to the lowest dregs of society, some of which are diseased refugees who are hell bent on spreading their sick Islamic-sharia law philosophy. Through the dwindling power of the office he holds, the president has literally done nothing to strengthen America or shore up our national interests. He has only led from behind walking backwards.

Not only here in America, but throughout the majority of planet earth, nation after nation is suffering from the influence of Obama’s mission of appeasement toward millions of Muslims who are acting on their declaration of war against civilization. Our military is both smaller and weaker than it was before World War Two. Both race relations and economic opportunities have been dramatically deteriorated due to the progressive policies that aided both bad behavior and economic duldrums.

That is why at the outset of this column I mentioned the clear and present differences between the two presidential contender camps. Mrs. Clinton represents the continuation of the harmful and tyrannical regulations, the economic stifling and unalienable rights inhibiting policies and open border dogma of President Barack H. Obama. While Donald Trump continues to advocate the lowering of taxes, the lessening of regulations, the rebuilding of our military and the securing of our border. If unabated, the policies of Obama then Mrs. Clinton will deteriorate America beyond recognition. On the other hand, if the stated policy ideals of the Trump campaign are realized, then America will be number one again.

Unfortunately, because of years of dummying down of many generations of Americans, at least 40 percent of the American population along with illegal immigrants and refugees who are allowed to vote, it could be a tough battle to rebuild the United States to greatness.

When in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, it was both comical and sad to witness Americans viciously attacking Trump and Trump supporters for simply wanting our national sovereignty and borders protected. I was haunted by a silly thought of a home owner allowing any and everybody to come in and take food, urinate everywhere, rape his wife and then attacking others who would dare to suggest he should protect the sovereignty of his own home. The progressive liberal movement reflects a destructive mental disorder that if left unchecked or stopped, could cause the utter elimination of the United States permanently from amongst the ranks of great nations. Which, by the way is and has been the goal of the democrats/progressives/liberals for decades.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the underlying struggle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as well as some establishment republicans concerning the push for globalism. Most, if not all of the international trade agreements between the United States and our competitor nations have benefited everyone other than the United States. They weaken our manufacturing ability, while at the same time place America at an economic and trade disadvantage. Every one of our so-called trading partners have major multi billion trade advantages over the United states because of the foolish terms agreed upon by previous administrations and the current regime.

Because of the thinking and lack of concern for our national security and that of the rest of the civilized world, including Israel, the Obama administration has totally given in to the demands of Iran. As a result, the Iranians may very soon have the capability to wipe Israel off the map with nuclear weapons. Hillary Clinton agrees with that utter madness and will expand on that destructive mission by continuing to give in to Muslim dictatorships whose number one mission is oppression of all who are not Muslim. Presidential candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly spoken against the John Kerry method of appeasement at the expense of American security, prestige and stature.

The differences between the two camps are as extreme as night and day and the choice is ultimately up to us voters, barring any voter fraud of course. It is my belief that Donald Trump and Governor Pence represent a solid ticket that if elected will prove good for our republic on so many levels. It comes down to if Americans desire more destruction of America and the rest of the civilized world, or the rebuilding of this land of opportunity.

This final note. I must congratulate Cleveland for providing a most appealing backdrop for the republican national convention. That city’s downtown is both beautiful and lively with numerous great restaurants and attractions for every age group and taste. I also got to explore beyond Cleveland’s downtown core and was impressed with areas like Little Italy, Tremont, Ohio City, University Circle and beyond. All of those great travel articles I read about Cleveland before going there did not stretch the truth about that fun and appealing city by the lake one bit. Well done C-town.

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