David SchnittgerSM

By Dr. David Schnittger
October 14, 2016

I am aware that most of our readers are focused on the upcoming presidential election.  Yes, this is an important, controversial and provocative issue.  However it is not the most important matter that should be in our thoughts and prayers.  The topic that should be on the lips of every sentient being on this planet is the mad rush toward WW III and nuclear war.  Just consider what is happening this week:

  • Barack Obama and his top foreign policy advisers are meeting today to consider military options in Syria. Some Obama Administration official argue that the US must act forcefully in Syria to confront Russia over Moscow’s support of Present  Assad and the relentless bombing of US-backed Islamic militants (terrorists) in Aleppo.
  • An unnamed White House source told Reuters that one option under consideration is direct US military strikes on Syrian military bases, munitions depots, radar installations and anti-aircraft bases  Another option is to provide the Islamic radicals such as the Al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nursra with shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.  The missiles would be used to shoot down Syrian and Russian fighter jets.
  • Tass news agency reported that Russia will not allow any country to jeopardize the lives of its servicemen in Syria.  The warning was intended for Western nations that are contemplating arming Islamic jihadists with shoulder-fired rockets to shoot down Russian warplanes over Syria.  Russia has also moved their S-400 air defense systems into Syria to shoot down western fighter jets.
  • The Times of London reported that the Royal Air Force is prepared to shoot down Russian warplanes over Syria.  Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, the highest ecclesiastical official in the Russian Orthodox Church, will meet privately with Queen Elizabeth next week.
  • Iran has dispatched two warships to the Gulf of Aden to establish a naval presence in the waters off Yemen where the US navy launched a cruise missile strike on Iranian-supported forces in Yemen.
  • Russia has mobilized over 40 million of its citizens in a massive nuclear evacuation drill, and has erected underground cities in Moscow capable of housing over 12 million citizens.  They have also broken off diplomatic communications with the US and are ordering all of their citizens to leave the US.
  • South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Lee Sun-jin is in Washington meeting with the highest military officials in the Pentagon.  He was given a tour of the US B-52 and B-2 nuclear bombers.

Many security experts such as Joel Skousen have predicted for years that the US would be targeted by Russia for a nuclear attack. Perhaps America’s post-911 foreign policy of relentless aggression and encirclement of Russia is finally provoking a military response by the Russian bear.  In any case, this is an urgent call to all Christians to repent of their waywardness and call upon the Lord to mercifully grant a delay upon the sword that is coming to America.