Michael Savage

There is an ongoing war to bring this nation to its knees’

Talk-radio host Michael Savage is calling on Congress to investigate “subversive,” left-wing groups he believes are trying to destroy America.

Savage, who met with Trump last week for about an hour at the president’s club Mar-a-Lago in South Florida, on Friday told the listeners of his nationally syndicated show, “The Savage Nation,” he wants to see an investigative committee focus on groups that may be engaged in “espionage, treason, sedition or sabotage.”

He named the ACLU, Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Southern Poverty Law Center as among the organizations that should be probed, calling billionaire activist George Soros the “head of the snake” that is funding many of the most subversive groups.

There is an ongoing war to bring this nation to its knees — or, yet, to its belly, as a matter of fact, and destroy us completely — being done by subversive groups, which have names, which have leaders, which have funding,” he said Friday.

Unless they are exposed, we just will not see our agenda of borders, language and culture enacted.”

Savage said he recognizes that what he is saying can be misinterpreted by establishment media as “McCarthyism.”

As an aside, he said Sen. Joe McCarthy was smeared for his effort in the 1950s to expose communists seeking to overthrow the U.S. government, noting that decades later, the release of Soviet intelligence by the Venona project backed his claims.

I will be clear about what I am saying,” Savage said, quoting from his upcoming book “Trump’s War: His Battle for America, which lists more than 130 groups funded by Soros.

I have never called for government action against anyone spending their own money as they wish, even to promote socialist nonsense, as long as reason is left free to combat it,” he said.

But when violent revolutionaries seek to tear down the pillars of society and assault anyone who dissents from their nihilistic view, then there is a role for government to step in and defend life, liberty and property against those who wish to destroy them.”

Savage said he is “a total defender of the First Amendment” but argued there are “enemies of freedom and democracy who use the very freedoms of our Constitution to destroy us.”

The nation faces a conundrum, he said, as it weighs the need to protect civil liberties with a threat to its very survival.

Civil liberties must be protected, Savage said, but they cannot be placed above survival.

Without survival, what good are civil liberties?” he asked.

Restoring law and order

Savage noted that Trump promised on the campaign trail and in his nomination acceptance speech last July that, if elected, he would “restore law and order” in American society.

Savage said that doesn’t just mean bolstering law enforcement.

He wants to see groups that advocated violence against police officers and engaged in rioting and looting that endangered citizens prosecuted.

They can be prosecuted, he said, for violating federal law by crossing state lines to incite violence.

He said treason and sedition are difficult to prove, but he argued there’s a case for sabotage.

“What would you call groups that burn and loot and attack innocent civilians?” he asked. “What would you call any of those things? Would you say that the security of our nation is not threatened as a result of the — you want to call them leftists, progressives, anarchists — whatever you want to call them?”

Savage’s message of borders, language and culture was a fixture in the Trump campaign, and Trump was a frequent guest on Savage’s show. Savage has described his latest book, “Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country After Obama,” as “an architectural plan for Trump.”

His upcoming book, “Trump’s War: His Battle for America,” is scheduled for release March 14.

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