What is a Racist?

by David Schnittger

We have been hearing a lot about the “white supremicists” that invaded Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend, creating all the violence and mayhem.  As a result of this massively misreported event, Trump and his staff, indeed all Trump supporters are being indicted as being white supremicists, Nazis, racists, etc.  That got me to thinking about what a true white supremicist and racist would look like.  A white supremicist/racist would support:

“White Lives Matter” organization to combat police brutality against whites and ONLY whites.

A “Congressional White Caucus” to lobby for legislation that would benefit ONLY whites.

White’s Only Colleges

A “United White College Fund” that only raises funds for white students

A “White Entertainment Tonight” (WET) network that only airs programs with white actors

White Beauty Pageants that only allow white girls to participate.

If someone advocated any or all such organizations and actions they would be decried high and low as being white supremicists and racists.  Change each occurrence of the word “white” in this article to the word “black” and you tell me whether racism is a “white only” phenomenon!