“Unplanned” Movie Review


UNPLANNED is the incredible, powerful true story of Abby, a young woman who gets drawn into working for Planned Parenthood because she thinks that their goal is to help prevent pregnancies.

The movie starts with Abby, now the director of the local Planned Parenthood office, being asked to go where she’s never gone before, into the operation room to hold the ultrasound device so the doctor can suck out the baby. She runs to the bathroom and throws up.

Cut to Abby as a young woman at Texas A&M. She comes from a very Christian family that’s very pro-life, but when she stops by a volunteer fair during her junior year, one of the booths is operated by a Planned Parenthood representative who talks her into volunteering. Her job as a volunteer escort is to go outside and guide the women into Planned Parenthood before all the protestors talk the women out of getting an abortion. She does such a good job that soon she’s working for Planned Parenthood.

Abby gets married quickly, and quickly divorced. Her parents put up with her being at Planned Parenthood, but don’t like it. Eventually, she finds a man who loves her. He is also a Christian and pro-life, but puts up with her working at Planned Parenthood like her parents do.

Slowly, Abby starts not just selling birth control, but also pitching young women about having an abortion. When the director takes her to the room where they keep the dead baby body parts, she isn’t upset at all. So, the director suggests that she should become the next director. One young girl starts bleeding badly after her abortion. Also, Abby gets pregnant and takes the ru-486 abortive pill, which causes her to lose the baby and bleed at home with cramps and pain.

Over time, Abby rises through the ranks of Planned Parenthood, continuing to tell herself that she’s helping people. She even tells the staff to be nicer to the protestors who don’t understand what they’re saying.

Finally, we come back to the opening scene, where she’s asked to go into the operating room and hold the ultrasound wand. Suddenly, the reality that this is a baby who’s trying to avoid the doctors painful tools becomes clear to her, but now she’s in trouble with Planned Parenthood, and they take her to court for leaving her job and for rejecting their cause to have more and more abortions.

Will Planned Parenthood win in court? Will people be transformed? When will the killing stop?

UNPLANNED is extremely well made. It’s a movie that anyone can watch and be caught up no matter what their point of view. It’s structured so powerfully that, by the end, it brings a torrent of tears. It’s a very hard movie to tell people that they should watch. You must have caution for the young girl who’s bleeding after the abortion, and for Abby whose bleeding after the abortive drug. It is amazing that it took Abby so long to come to her senses, and for that reason alone, everyone should see UNPLANNED.

Review by Movie Guide (www.movieguide.org)