Trump Will Be a President for the Ages, If the People Do Their Part


 Trump at CPAC

With courage and conviction, President Trump addressed our challenges and our opportunities.  Unfortunately, and even at times where human interest was involved (e.g. paying homage to the grieving widow of fallen soldier, Ryan Owens), the majority of the Democrats were outwardly rude. Al Franken looked as if he were on a two week drunk.

The only obstacle blocking Trump from giving the people what they want is Congress.  And that is our job.  We, the American people need to keep the heat on Congress so that they will pass new healthcare, stop the job-stealing free trade agreements, build infrastructure, restore the military to greatness and a plethora of other populist reforms.

It was clear from listening to Trump addressing both houses of Congress, that he is a man of vision.  We are seeing something very special unfold in the White House. With the help of the people, Trump’s Presidency could be one for the ages.

The greatness displayed by President Trump, needs to be matched by every American.  All tyrannical groups, led by the infamous George Soros, need to be opposed at every turn.  We need to encourage President Trump to arrest Soros  immediately.

Trump mentioned draining the swamp, at which point the Democrats moaned. This tells you who Trump was addressing. It also tells you who we, as voters, need to target.

I can see two futures for America. In one future, we reclaim our liberties and once again, stand as a beacon of freedom. On the other hand, I can see a totalitarian future complete with Red Lists and Fema Camps.  The choice is ours because we have the vessel of change occupying the White House. All we need to do to reclaim our lost liberty is to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

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