By David Schnittger

In November 2016, patriots established a beachhead for liberty with the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. This hard fought victory overcame the collective opposition of the two party duopoly, as well as the opposition of the globalist media. This was truly a populist victory by patriotic Americans of all nationalities and creeds – united by their love for America.

This opposition has not abated since Trump’s election Rather, it has only intensified with continuous obstructionism by the duopoly leadership, non-stop ridicule by the globalist media, and continual witch-hunts by deep state operatives like Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller. Despite that opposition, Trump has muscled through historic tax cuts and eliminated reams of job-killing regulations. This has resulted in over three million new jobs in America and GDP growth at levels not seen in over 20 years.

Despite these historic achievements, President Trump desperately needs reinforcements in Congress! One man, no matter how talented and determined, can’t bring about the changes necessary to restore the Republic. Thankfully, there are many pro-Trump candidates running for Congress. We are fast approaching primary season and I wanted to inform you of these candidates so you can support them with your finances, your votes and your prayers.

Traditional wisdom is that the party in power in the White House usually loses votes in mid-term elections. I believe the Second American Revolution will reverse that pattern. I believe that, if liberty loving Americans step up their game, the forces for freedom in Congress can actually increase in numbers and power. In my view, this is the season for hunting Democrat Donkeys and Republican RINOS. We need to render these enemies of the Republic an “endangered species” this election season. Accordingly, I have listed below all the Pro-Trump Candidates running for the U.S. House and Senate. I have also included links to their websites so you can check them out.

I truly believe that we have a “Nineveh Moment” in America – a window of mercy that God is providing for His people to repent, turn from their wicked ways, and exert their influence in leading America back to righteousness. Please use this time to send reinforcements to our President in his efforts to Make America Great Again!

The Big List Of Pro-Trump Candidates Running For Congress In 2018…

Michael Snyder, House, Idaho:

Omar Navarro, House, California:

Geoff Diehl, Senate, Massachusetts:

Danny Tarkanian, Senate, Nevada:

Justin Fareed, House, California:

Tom Campbell, Senate, North Dakota:

Mike Gibbons, Senate, Ohio:

Marsha Blackburn, Senate, Tennessee:

Christina Hagan, House, Ohio:

Dr. Kelli Ward, Senate, Arizona:

Brenden Dilley, House, Arizona:

Barry Moore, House, Alabama:

Aja Smith, House, California:

Corey Stewart, Senate, Virginia:

Kevin Cavanaugh, House, Arizona:

Dave Giles, House, Arizona:

John James, Senate, Michigan:

Patrick Morrisey, Senate, West Virginia:

Carla Spalding, House, Florida:

John Schiess, Senate, Wisconsin:

Joe Billie, House, Pennsylvania:

Robert Kuniegel, House, Pennsylvania:

Katie Arrington, House, South Carolina:

Tim Donnelly, House, California:

Dave Hughes, House, Minnesota:

Steve Lonegan, House, New Jersey:

Charlotte Bergmann, House, Tennessee:

Joe Kaufman, House, Florida: