The Seeds of a Potential Assassination


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U.S. Park Police and D.C. police Wednesday afternoon investigated the two areas where the weapons were found. I have been waiting for a massive law enforcement response, given the timing and location of the following discoveries. Instead, all we are getting are crickets chirping with regard to the response of federal and local law enforcement.

The reason that this is significant because on January 15th, I received a highly credible tip that a man was arrested in DC transporting a huge weapons cache in a truck. I have been told by a local official that the event is being covered up from the media and there is no federal involvement to their knowledge. Let’s review the following, of what is known, and evaluate local law enforcement as well as the Feds response to this situations which I believe pose a significant and potential threat to Donald Trump.

The Reported Details

The finding of a weapons’ cache in two separate locations in the DC area, only a quarter of a mile from each other was so serious and concerning that local traffic on Canal Road was stopped during the investigation. But quickly the cover-up was initiated and the findings were quickly swept under the carpet.

The Discovery

 The discovery of weapons was made by a woman who saw a suspicious violin case along a stone wall that runs parallel to a local canal. She stopped and opened the case and found guns.

Only a short distance north of the discovery at the canal. Park Police found a cache of multiple weapons and ammunition that had been covered by trash to obscure the presence of the weapons.

Where Is the FBI?

Please allow me to be clear about something. This is the city where the most contested and most volatile presidential election in American history is coming to a natural conclusion with the inauguration of Donald Trump. Subsequently, with the layers of extra security being brought in to counter what George Soros, Bill Ayers and Michael Moore are going to do at the inauguration, these discoveries should have set off alarm bells all throughout the region.

Given the circumstances, the FBI should have taken over the criminal investigation and should have been looking to get to the bottom of these two discoveries. So, please allow me to ask…”Where the hell is the FBI”?  Does Comey want something to happen to Trump and the thousands of innocent bystanders? This is just another case where “Comey is at this best”. I sincerely hope Trump prosecutes Comey for his role in the HSBC money laundering when Comey served on the board of directors of HSBC. 

The Official Response

 Every attempt to minimize the finding is in play. Please consider the following:

Park Police spokeswoman Sgt. Anna Rose said there were a variety of weapons recovered, including long guns and pistols. The weapons were in buckets and bags, Rose said, although she said she didn’t believe any of them were loaded.”

Would someone please tell this law enforcement moron that they found ammunition at the scene?

There’s no indication as to why these weapons were here, when they came to be here or the circumstances surrounding it — that part’s all under investigation,” Rose said.

No wonder DC has one of the highest homicide rates, by gun, despite having some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. With morons like this in charge, who can feel safe? Two weapons cache discovered in the city and at the time of the Inauguration and nobody in an official capacity blinks an eye? And no FBI involvement? Welcome to JFK’s Secret Service detail, Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963.

What Should Have Happened?

Upon stumbling across this seemingly, no-big-deal discovery, I called two law enforcement officials, of some note, and asked them for their reaction.

Here is what I was told by a former 27 year veteran of a major police department. He said, word for word the following, “If we were only expecting a visit from the President and these incidences took place under our watch, I would have have had a very well-publicized meeting with the Secret Service, DHS and the FBI as well as state law enforcement.  Secretly, we would begin operations to ensure the safety of the President. In this environment which is highly charged with a potential for violence, I would recommend a change of venue so as to throw off any potential attack that would have been planned. Additionally, we would keep watch on the local area with a team of undercover officers, although the Feds would take over the process in all likelihood. We would be going through nearby store videos and traffic cams looking for anything that could be connected to the events as described in DC. If the NSA wanted to, I know from experience they could backtrack any satellite footage of the area over the past several weeks with key image search. I know this, because we have done it before. The DIA as well as Clapper could do very similar things. I am awestruck that the officials are so cavalier about these discoveries. This is a complete failure of law enforcement at every level in DC given the highly charged political atmosphere where an event like this should spark, if anything, an over-reaction, not an underwhelming response.”

It is the reaction of law enforcement that concerns me, much more than the event itself. Donald Trump is a marked man and this event strengthens my feelings of concern over his safety.


The FBI’s reaction, alone, tells us all we need to know about their desire to protect the President from assassination. And the fact that George Soros, Bill Ayers and Michael Moore have threatened the proceedings at this Friday’s inauguration, should have heightened law enforcement’s response.

Did you know that Lee Harvey Oswald, an actual member of the CIA as it was discovered he was on the CIA payroll at the time of assassination, went to James Hosty of the FBI and told him of impending trouble for JFK, several days before the assassination? Did you know that Oswald had several meetings with Hosty in the weeks leading to the assassination? This is very similar to what we just observed in DC as history is potentially repeating itself and the Feds are going to let history take its course. Welcome to the Banana Republic, we formerly called the United States of America. And at the end of it all, can the Clinton Foundation be very far removed from these events?

What all the rest of us can and should do is to pray for Donald Trump’s safety. Trump is in more danger than Lincoln or Kennedy ever were.