Release of the JFK Files Is Pointless Due to the Obstruction of Justice by LBJ

In what will be a highly anticipated event, Donad Trump has made a major announcement about the release of the JFK files.

Many of the secret files related to the death of John F. Kennedy, have been held at the National Archives. This includes several thousand “never-before-seen” documents, was ultimately mandated to occur by October 26 under a 1992 law that sought to quell conspiracy theories about the assassination. That just happened to be the year that Oliver Stone released the wildly popular movie, JFK, which rekindled huge interest in the assassination.

President Trump has the executive power to block the release of the documents. In fact, many intelligence agencies, most notably the CIA, have pressured him to not release the documents for some time for fear national security would be compromised. The agencies, such as the CIA and the FBI, are concerned that information contained in some of the documents could damage national security interests both domestically and abroad.

With regard to the President’s tweet, Mr. Trump  did not make it clear what he meant when he said that the release of the documents would be “subject to the receipt of further information.” Trump’s administration has been asked about the phrase and so far, Trump’s official did not immediately respond to emails seeking clarification.

The Cover Up Begins and Ends with Lyndon Johnson

Were it not for the duplicity and criminal actions of then Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, the October 26th scheduled release would not even be needed.

Following the collection of “evidence”, LBJ sequestered all evidence to the National Archives. The action, barely reported on by the mainstream media, was highly objectionable. As Jim Marrs once stated on my radio show “the government acts as if the American people are bunch of little children and they must be protected from the truth”.

Johnson’s efforts to conceal what happened to JFK did not begin and end with the sequestration of evidence related to the assassination. Johnson’s role in the cover up began at Parkland Hospital, and it concerned the the Presidential car, as it was parked in front of the hospital.

The Presidential Limo Was a Crime Scene

As the Presidential limo, pictured above, delivered the mortally wounded President to Parkland Hospital, LBJ arrived on the scene and promptly ordered the limo “scrubbed.”  This order by LBJ was illegal and constituted with the tampering of a crime scene. Further, LBJ ordered that the damaged car be repaired before being sent to the National Archives. LBJ should have gone to prison for these orders, but who would prosecute him? In this regard LBJ and Hillary are very much alike.

In case you are wondering why this is important, the limo would have contained blood spatter patterns which could have determined the direction of the shots. And there can be no doubt that the bullet fragments would have been present in the car and certainly anything that would point away from Oswald as the lone-nut assassin, could never come to light.

Did I mention that the President’s brain went missing during the autopsy?

Did I mention that over 300 witnesses, with some intimate connection to the assassination, ended up being murdered?

Did I mention that the Warren Commission that headed up the assassination’s bogus investigation was put together by LBJ?


As I have indicated in past articles and what should be apparent here, is that LBJ was both a co-conspirator before the fact and after the fact. LBJ’s actions constituted obstruction of justice and he was never held accountable.

If we could not trust the evidence in the 1964 Warren Report, then how could we trust the relase of this same information now?

As I have stated in past articles, LBJ was at the center of the cover up. JFK, as I have previously stated was murdered on the orders of David Rockefeller, which gave this despot the Vietnam War profits, the greatest increase of nuclear arms production in American history, getting rid of the Federal Reserve threatening C-notes, the continuation of the oil-depletion allowance and on and on it goes.

What was LBJ’s reward for this murder and subsequent treason? The Presidency of the United States. LBJ, before his death in 1969, would never allow the potential release of any document which would implicate him in the murder of John Kennedy. The rest of us already know better. You would be better off reading the late Jim Marrs’ book Crossfire about the assassination than waiting the for the release of mythical material.