by David Schnittger

My first 15 years of formal education was in the public school.  I attended public school during my elementary and secondary years.  I also attended a public college for my first two years of advanced education.  I have many happy memories of my years in public school and had many fine teachers during those years, which stretched from 1957-1972.  However, things have changed dramatically since then.  How do I know?  During two periods of time in recent years, I had occasion to serve as a substitute in public schools, from Pre-K thru the 12th grade.  It has been my general impression from those experiences that there has been a radical increase in the regimentation of “acceptable views” allowed in the public school.  I would characterize that regimentation in terms of “atheistic,” “statist” and “socialistic.”  I believe that this regimentation could be considered “domestic terrorism.”  Let me give an example.

On one occasion, while substituting in the Prince William, Virginia public schools, I substituted in a kindergarten class.  It was the first day of the winter-spring semester.  As such, the new kindergarten students attended an opening assembly with the Vice-Principal of the school.  The Vice-Principal was a middle age lady who seemed to have a pleasant disposition.  She smilingly warned the new students that they did not want to receive a particular “piece of paper.”   She calmly explained that this piece of paper (apparently for some unexplained misbehavior) would result in the student being expelled from school.  This expulsion would require their parents to “miss work” (on the obvious assumption that both parents work outside the home).  This absence from work would result in the parents being “fired from their jobs,” and that, consequently, the kindergarten student would “starve to death.”

At no time did this smiling administrator give any hint as to the nature of the offense that would result in the life-ending piece of paper being given to the recalcitrant five year old.  However, the nature of this unnamed capital offense was so grave that she warned repeatedly that, at all cost, the student did not want to receive this piece of paper.  With this murderous threat smilingly delivered she welcomed the new students (to the gulag) and dismissed them back to class.  I repeat: “Public education is domestic terrorism.”