By Jesse Lee Peterson



With just three weeks left in his final term as president, Barack Hussein Obama is behaving like a maniac; his desperate actions to salvage his disastrous legacy are unnerving the American people and our closest allies.

Obama is doing all he can to sabotage President-elect Donald Trump to prevent him from successfully undoing the failed socialist policies of the last eight years. But he didn’t start this quest yesterday. This past year Obama covered a lot of ground in his bid to diminish and jeopardize America:

1. Allowing in a record number of Muslim refugees. The Obama administration’s refugee “resettlement program” skyrocketed in 2016. From Oct. 1, 2016, through Dec. 27, a total of 25,671 refugees have been resettled in the U.S. During that same time period in 2015, 13,791 refugees were resettled. The number of Somalian refugees resettled in the U.S. has doubled since Oct. 1 compared to the same time last year. Not surprisingly, 98.8 percent of the refugees Obama has welcomed are Muslim. This is a Trojan hoarse being set up to destroy us from within.

2. Letting illegal aliens flood in through the Southern border. U.S. officials are also dealing with a 15 percent surge in illegal immigration along the country’s Southwestern border. Homeland Security officials apprehended 530,250 illegal immigrants and sent 450,954 people back to their home countries over the 12-month period that ended in September, according to the department. The majority of the illegals detained come from Central American countries and include 137,614 families and unaccompanied children from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Build that wall!

3. Empowering black hate groups.
Obama has repeatedly met with Black Lives Matter even though it is a known hate group. Black Lives Matter has expressed outrage over white cops allegedly murdering black men, but all of the cases it points to are bogus. BLM supporters have been caught on tape chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now!” Their anti-cop views along with Obama’s validation of their movement has resulted in increased attacks against police. There were 64 law enforcement officers shot and killed nationwide in 2016 – the most in five years. The worst single attack was in July, when a Black Lives Matter supporter killed five white officers in Dallas, Texas. Ten days later, a black militant and former Marine killed three Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officers.

4. Commuting sentences and pardoning felons. Obama has commuted the sentences of 1,176 individuals, including 395 life sentences. Obama also granted pardons to 78 individuals, bringing his total number of pardons to 148. Obama commuted more felons’ sentences than the 11 previous presidents combined. Meanwhile, Obama is ignoring the rise in homicides in his hometown of Chicago, where 48 were shot (11 fatally) in Christmas weekend shootings. And the homicide rate for the country’s 30 biggest cities is expected to go up by 14 percent this year. Many of the offenders Obama is letting out will return to a life of crime and endanger black lives. Thanks, Obama!

5. Turning on Israel. In a shameful act of betrayal, Obama broke with decades of U.S. policy, allowing and reportedly encouraging a United Nations resolution condemning Israel for building settlements. The U.N.’s denunciation of the settlement emboldens the pro-terrorist Palestinian leadership and puts into question the future of more than 400,000 Israeli families. I have long said that Barack Obama is no different than his “mentor” Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., and his support for the Palestinians proves it. We need to cease funding the U.N. – and get it out of the U.S.!

6. Manufacturing an international crisis with Russia. This week, Obama slapped Russia with a series of sanctions and diplomatic censures in response to a U.S. intelligence assessment that Moscow used cyber attacks to try to tamper with our election. Obama is looking to blame everyone else but himself for Hillary Clinton’s smackdown at the polls. Obama is angry that the corrupt inner workings of the Democratic Party were exposed. He is playing a dangerous game of chicken. Thankfully, Vladimir Putin has shown himself to be the bigger man, shrugging off Obama’s provocations.

7. Approving massive land grabs by the federal government. Obama’s designation of 1.35 million acres in Utah as a “national monument” is so extreme, even Democrats in the state oppose it. Sen. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah – an outspoken critic of Donald Trump – is so outraged by it that he is pleading for Trump to reverse it. The Obama administration has said it would indefinitely block drilling in parts of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, an attempt to stop Americans from capitalizing on their resources in the coming Trump administration.

On Wednesday, Obama will meet with Democrats on Capitol Hill to discuss ways they can try to stop Trump and the Republican Congress from rolling back Obamacare.

With less than three weeks from the inauguration of the new president, God only knows what further destruction Obama will wreak. We need to stay in prayer, be vigilant and give our full support to President-elect Trump as he dismantles Obama’s mess. Thank God for His mercy upon America.