By Frosty Wooldridge
December 19, 2016

In her final interview with Oprah Winfrey this past week, outgoing Michelle Obama said, “We are feeling what not having hope feels like.”

ON THE CONTRARY, for the first time in eight years, average Americans feel a genuine, compelling and historic sense of HOPE via the election of Donald J. Trump. Instead of “hope and change” that failed on every level of governance under Barack Hussein Obama—Americans of every stripe see an action leader, a man who takes charge and makes things happen.

Instead of a community organizer named Barack Obama who had never worked a real job in his life, and who slipped through college on “affirmative action” grades given to him because of the color of his skin rather than his genuine academic hard work—Trump brings a lifetime of business acumen, international trade skills and a work ethic in his life like few others.

While for 20 years Barack Hussein Obama attended Chicago church Pastor Wright’s weekly cursings of America by saying, “God d**n America”, the rest of us kept our guns, our Christian religion and rolled up our sleeves to go to work six days a week.

While Obama told us that the teen thug Trayvon Martin could be his son or that Michael Brown raised up his hands yelling, “Don’t shoot”—average Americans didn’t get bamboozled by the outright lies of the mainstream media.

While Obama created the greatest racial divide in America since the Detroit riots of 1968, average Americans worked in their own communities to make life better for everyone.

Trump promised to build a wall on the Mexican border to stop the $50 billion annual drug trade that poisons our entire society; Obama encouraged the drug trade by making our Border Patrol officers stand down. Instead of stopping 500,000 illegal aliens from jumping our borders annually for the past eight years, Obama encouraged illegal aliens to cross our borders. He presented them an unconstitutional amnesty that our courts shot down. (Source: Dr. Steven Camarata, www.cis.org)

While 60,000 injured military veterans could not obtain health care after their service in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama racked up 324 golfing days while spending $85 million in taxpayer dollars for his and Michelle’s lavish vacations. One of her forays to Spain cost us $487,500.00.

The American people can ill afford to keep sending the First Family on vacations around the globe,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “There needs to be greater sensitivity to the costs borne by taxpayers for these personal trips. It is hypocritical for President Obama to fire GSA officials for wasteful conference spending, while his family went on a luxury vacation in the Costa del Sol Spain that cost taxpayers nearly half a million dollars. No wonder it took two years and a lawsuit to get these documents out of the Obama administration.”

While Obama vacationed and golfed, three out of four African-American children arrived out of wedlock to a single mother subsisting on welfare as a way of life. Obama nor the Black Caucus did anything to bring jobs to inner city blacks. Instead, they partied on with American taxpayer dollars.

While he enjoyed a clear mandate to create jobs and racial calm in America, instead, Obama created joblessness and strife by not securing America’s borders or changing “Free Trade” laws to “Fair Trade” laws. That kept over 8.7 million Americans in welfare lines and 48 million subsisting on food stamps.

Obama made idle threats to leaders in Syria, Russia and Iraq. He watched helplessly as our soldiers continued dying in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Worst of all, Obama allowed 11,000 Syrian Muslim refugees into America in 2016, when every state department professional said that Muslim terrorists would be among them. Even more sickening, Obama watched as we faced Islamic terrorists that massacred us in Orlando,FL; Boston Marathon, Chattanooga, TN; Moore, OK; Minneapolis, MN mall; Ohio State University; Rocky River, OH; San Bernardino, CA and more to come. Obama did nothing to stop Chicago from becoming a war zone with over 600 killings and over 3,100 shootings thus far in 2016.

Here’s a reality check for you Michelle Obama: your husband will be proven by historians to be the most “hopeless” president in our history. He may be known as the greatest golfing president of all time, but the worst president in US history.

We Americans HOPE for January 20, 2017 to arrive as soon as possible. It will be Santa’s greatest gift to all of us.

© 2016 Frosty Wooldridge – All Rights Reserved

Frosty Wooldridge possesses a unique view of the world, cultures and families in that he has bicycled around the globe 100,000 miles, on six continents and six times across the United States in the past 30 years. His published books include: “HANDBOOK FOR TOURING BICYCLISTS”; “STRIKE THREE! TAKE YOUR BASE”; “IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES”; “MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE TO ALASKA: INTO THE WIND—A TEEN NOVEL”; “BICYCLING AROUND THE WORLD: TIRE TRACKS FOR YOUR IMAGINATION”; “AN EXTREME ENCOUNTER: ANTARCTICA.” His next book: “TILTING THE STATUE OF LIBERTY INTO A SWAMP.” He lives in Denver, Colorado.