Ron Edwards

By Ron Edwards
October 14, 2016

Not knowing how to drive or run a republic can lead to massive collisions. I remember the first time I was allowed to drive a motorized vehicle. Try is the operative word here because I really did not know what the heck I was doing at the age of nine. Oh, for you politically correct types, I was not in an automobile with traffic. I was in a huge multi acre field on my uncle’s farm on a tractor. So there was no chance for ending up in a multi vehicular crackup. But there were still rules of the field. I had to watch out for holes and large rocks as well as master steering that old tractor safely. Eventually, I became proficient in driving what was at the time a giant piece of farm machinery, so I could help my uncle in his farm duties. But without knowing what to do I would have never been any help to my uncle in working those seventy acres.

Likewise, when it comes to the United States of America, in order for her to become great again she must be run according to the blessed principles that enabled her to become great originally. If not she will crash on the ash heap of history. The way to properly conduct our republic’s business are enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. It was designed to keep government contained within limits that will ensure the continued recognition of our unalienable rights, which come from God.

But unfortunately, Americans enmasse are no longer properly instructed in or encouraged to learn the very laws that should be utilized to govern our republic. After all, this is supposed to be a nation of laws. What has transpired is the emergence of race pimps, government school indoctrinators, progressive politicians, passive preachers have operated with aversion to those God inspired guidelines. Together, all of those “misleaders” have successfully caused a multi- decade moratorium against the correct instruction on how our nation is to function as a Constitutionally limited republic. In fact, America has become like someone who never properly learned how to even drive a tractor and is a big crash waiting to happen.

The progressive war on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers and most of all the Holy Bible has been ongoing for over one hundred years. Historic facts and important details have been gradually peeled away from the learning lexicon, like the skin of an onion. American historian, author and Constitutional scholar David Barton points out through illustration in his sterling book, Original Intent. “Although there were fifty-five Founders who drafted the Constitution and ninety more who drafted the Bill of Rights, why does the current Court invoke only Thomas Jefferson and James Madison as it’s spokesmen? Thus short circuiting the application of true justice throughout the land. And there is no Constitutional authorities among the other one-hundred-forty plus who framed those documents?

Since Jefferson has over sixty volumes of written works and Madison has over twenty, why does the current Court avoid citing the declarations of those justices on today’s issues? Is it perhaps that the concise rulings of those who so clearly understood constitutional intent would contradict and thus embarrass the Court for it’s current positions? All five questions point to a concerted effort to prevent the proper intent of our republic operating as a nation of laws. So as you can see, ignorance of such matters is not bliss.

We the People” have an important decision to make. Do “WE” desire a nation rebuilt upon the Providential, Constitutional and Bill of Rights concepts that lead to all aspects of individual and national greatness? Or are those who prefer more of the progressive oriented curse that is literally killing our republic have their way? The choice has never been more clear than now. Either “WE” pick the life giving light of liberty or the doom of progressive, lawless darkness. I prefer that “We the People” choose life.

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