FrostyWooldridgeBy Frosty Wooldridge
December 12, 2016

For the first time in eight years, the American people stood up to be counted. They elected a man who promised to enforce America’s immigration laws; a man who would close down the drug trade by erecting a wall across the Mexican border; a man who would stop endless Muslim immigration filled with terrorists that have killed our citizens by the thousands; a man who knows how to bring jobs back into America by changing unfair trade agreements. Finally, a man who could not be bought off by the corporate elite.

President Donald J. Trump!

In the mean time, Hillary Clinton cries in her soup, feels depressed and her followers wring their handkerchiefs for their defeated heroine.

Even one of my life long liberal friends sat depressed for several weeks after November 8th’s win by Donald J. Trump. “It wasn’t fair,” she lamented to me.

I’m sitting here with more facts and proof that Barack Obama lives on a fraudulent, dead man’s Social Security number because his parents couldn’t present a valid birth certificate—so his grandmother who worked at a Social Security office, gave Barack Obama a dead man’s number starting with 042 from Connecticut, a place Barack never lived or visited. Guess what? Barack Hussein Obama perpetrated the biggest fraud on America in the history of our republic—white guilt elected him over slavery. Not by the content of his character, but by the color of his skin! You might say that he jumped into the White House via Affirmative Action.

Notice that he spent millions to seal all records of his “real” life as a foreigner, as a drug abuser, as a Muslim and as a totally unqualified presidential candidate.

We tolerated him and his Muslim cronies in our White House for the past eight, miserable years. We watched fiasco after fiasco. His overseas incompetence sets the benchmark for folly in the Middle East.

His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, will go down in history as the most deceptive, incompetent and careless official in the 21st century as to Benghazi, as to exposing our country via emails on a private server. Once her chief of staff, Muslim Brotherhood operative Huma Abedin gets exposed, we will see even greater deception by Hillary to wreck our country. And, the mere fact that she remained an accomplice to her husband’s sexual predatory escapades for 40 years—makes her diabolically pathetic.

Any of her secret service agents from Arkansas to the White House could write a book about her scurrilous treatment of them and her frequent F-bomb attacks on them as she threw hissy fits at her whim. You can probably read a few of them out there right now. She may prove the most fraudulent woman in American history. The history books WILL tell the tale.

Against an extraordinarily biased, slanted and antagonistic liberal media such as Jake Tapper, Megyn Kelly, Anderson Cooper, CNN, Don Lemon, Whoopi Goldberg, Ms. Behr on The View, George Clooney and dozens more, they all obfuscated the facts and skewered the polls. Trump won because he spoke for 51 percent of the American people sick of Congress and Obama in the White House watching and even facilitating our country’s demise.

Obama orchestrated the greatest racial divide since Detroit in 1968! He did nothing to stop the greatest destruction of African-American families in our history! Obama left ¼ of all Black Americans in welfare lines and 48 million people subsisting on food stamps while he enjoyed 324 golfing days on vacations that cost us taxpayers $85 million. Talk about a pathetic legacy!

This week, U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein said she enjoyed dinner last week with Hillary Clinton.

I think it is fair to say that she’s hurting,” Feinstein said, “I think all of us know who watch that campaign, it was a very hard campaign for her. The name-calling, the email intrusion, and the misinterpretation [sic] of what she had done with the e-mails. Eleven hours in front of a committee (examining he criminal activites) while she was a candidate.

People were saying that she would win. It was going to be a landslide, with the Latino vote surging for Democrats come Election Day. Neither happened. It was one of the biggest upsets since Truman beat Dewey in 1948. Clinton lost one of the most winnable elections in recent memory—and it’s all her fault.”

Feinstein ended with, “I think this is really a tough time for a wonderful human being.”

That’s a laugh!

If you look at the corruption of Hillary and the lifelong pattern of lying to herself as to her marriage with her sexual predator husband Bill Clinton, and her outright fraud as to Benghazi that got our finest and best killed, she received a dose of Karma from her lifelong negative Karma output.

All the liberals can cry her a river of tears, but the rest of us start paddling for our country, our culture, our language, our borders and our citizens. It’s time we elected a president who serves us and not everyone else in every other country in the world. We especially hate seeing our president bowing to Saudi kings. It’s not “who we are.” Got that Barack?!

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