H.R. 5 – It’s All About Special Rights for the Destructive LGBTQ+ Agenda

There is a terrible bill working its way through Congress right now. It’s called the “Equality Act” – H.R. 5, and it’s anything but about equality.

Authored by openly homosexual Congressman David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island), this legislation aims to “expand” the 1964 (68 & 69) Civil Rights Act and its protections to include homosexuals, transgenders, and individuals who identify with other paraphilias (sexual deviant behaviors).  This bill will normalize perverse, destructive sexual activities while indoctrinating and harming children at elementary school level.

This legislation is nothing more than a Trojan Horse to stamp out God-Given rights of American citizens, which is enshrined in the United State Constitution.  This is an attack on life, the family, and the entire society as a whole.

If this bill passes and gets signed into law, these are some of the terrible outcomes that will follow:

  1. This bill will undermine the Civil Rights Movement which Black Americans, women and other minorities have fought for decades.
  2. Churches and ministries will be sued and lose their tax-exemption status if they do not accommodate LGBTQ+ lifestyles and comply with the normalizing of their deviant sexual behaviors.
  3. Children will be forced to learn about destructive LGBTQ+ behaviors in public schools as normative and even supreme over heterosexuality (i.e. Drag Queen Story Hours already promoted in many libraries).
  4. Parents who oppose LGBTQ+ History Pride curriculum will be charged with illegal discrimination.
  5. Colleges and universities (public and private) will lose funding, grants, and scholarships if they do not embrace this new LGBTQ+ supremacy.
  6. All public and education buildings will have bathrooms and gymnasium showers that must allow transgendered men into women’s facilities and transgendered women into men’ facilities.  Children will not be safe in these environments.
  7. All business owners will be forced to violate their freedom of conscience and religious liberties to accommodate all LGBTQ+ behaviors.
  8. Hospitals and clinics will be forced to offer experimental and harmful transgender treatments and hormone therapies for children.
  9. Foster and adoption agencies with convictions for the natural values of God-given parenting, of one man & one woman, will be forced to close, or must accommodate LGBTQ+ parenting.

Tell your House Representative to Vote NO on H.R. 5!


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For more information, please contact:  Arthur Schaper, Organization Director

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