Should Freedom Loving Americans Care If The U.K. Leaves The E.U.? You Bet They Should!

By John Levi
Guest Writer

I first wrote this article a couple of months ago at the request of Dr. Schnittger. However, with the Brexit Vote now only about two weeks away, the information below is even more pertinent now. Therefore I revised the original article with the sincere hope and desire that Christians on this side of the pond will pray earnestly for the U.K. and for all of Europe.

On June 23rd of this year, Britons all over the U.K. will vote on a referendum ballot as to whether Great Britain will leave the European Union or not. The common nickname for the referendum is “Brexit”. According to Nigel Farage, the leader of United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP), it is imperative that the U.K. leaves the E.U for the survival of the nation. He should know all about the problems with the E.U.  He served as  a member of the European Parliament for Southeast England for a number of years and worked in the financial industry for 20 years prior to that.

Mr. Farage lists the problems E.U. membership has caused in the U.K in the speeches that he gives around Great Britain. One of the main problems is the flood of illegal immigrants into the U.K. and the housing crisis, lost jobs, and security issues that out of control immigration is causing. Then there is the destruction of U.K. industry caused by bad trade deals that the U.K. has been forced into. Why does the U.K. not do something about these problems? According to Farage, it can’t because the U.K., like every E.U. member nation, lost sovereignty over these issues when it voted to become a member of the European Union. I recommend that all that read this article go to to check out Mr. Farage and get educated about the good fight they are fighting. Actually, I called the party last week. The staff member I spoke with told me that as of the 2010 U.K. Census, 45% of London’s population is now made up of illegal immigrants!

To bring the point home even more poignantly, Mr. Sadiq Khan became London’s first ever Muslim mayor last month. His ties to radical Islamists are well known in the U.K. One of his first official acts as mayor was to hoist up the E.U. flag outside London’s City Hall. Another smaller political party is the Britain First Party which is led by Paul Golding.  He has been at the forefront of exposing Mr. Khan and the horrible things that are happening within the nation. I also advise all to check out their website as well because they have been the vanguard force fighting the growing islamization of the U.K. Their website is They also need your prayers because they routinely experience violence directed against them and are often then blamed for the violence such as a recent incident in Leicester where Mr. Golding was unjustly arrested.

Does all this sound eerily familiar? It should because we are facing many of the same problems right here in the U.S. that the Brits are facing. However, in our country it is playing out differently because Americans are presently trying to declare their independence from their own government. We see this in the rise of the Donald Trump candidacy. It is the same in Britain and, like the U.S., the same power elite are out to try and stop the U.K. Independence Movement.

In a speech two months ago in Wales, Mr. Farage mentioned that he wanted June 23, 2016 to become Great Britain’s “Independence Day.” I found that a little ironic and at the same time encouraging for an Englishman to be using that term. However, his choice of words is very appropriate.

What we are seeing in their movement and the anti-government outrage here in the U.S. is a global movement by many people who are waking up to the tyranny of what some refer to as The Elite, The Globalists, etc.  A better title for them would be servants of Satan and his Anti-Christ. Also, if the UKIP is successful on June 23rd there are a host of other nations across Europe that have similar ndependence parties.  Geert Wilders of the Netherlands is leader of the Party for Freedom that wants the Netherlands to get out of the E.U. as does the Finns Party in Finland for the same reasons as UKIP wants the U.K. to get out. Just a few months ago the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic stated that if the U.K. leaves so will they, according to an article on from February 24, 2016. Now there is a “Leave the E.U.” movement in France led by Marine Le Pen and she leads all national polls. So, there is a now Frexit on the horizon.

Back to the original question, why should freedom loving Americans, especially those that are Christians care if the U.K. gets out. The E.U. is vehemently anti-Christian and anti-freedom. Member nations surrender a great deal of sovereignty over their life, liberty and property and the recent refugee crisis is a perfect example. Few of the refugees that E.U. Countries have been forced to take in are Christians. Rather, most are Muslims who are committing atrocities in Germany and Sweden in particular. Yet as we read the news stories about this the E.U. government and its appointed “queen,” the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, have strong-armed member nations into accepting refugees whether they wanted them or not. Islam is hardly a religion that promotes freedom.

As stated earlier, the UKIP is an independence movement as is the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands. These parties are an expression of the people of the U.K. and the Netherlands to resist the coming one world government which the E.U. was meant to be a primary tool in implementing. I firmly believe that a U.K. defection could set off a domino effect across Europe that could well be the demise of the E.U. beast. That would be a true miracle and one any freedom loving human being should pray and cheer for.

Let us here in the U.S., especially we Christians, be praying for UKIP and Britain First as they slog it out with the political elite in the U.K. for the freedom of Great Britain. America was founded primarialy by Englishmen. Nigel Farage and his party are in a way trying to do the American Revolution in reverse. I am quite sure that there are committed brothers and sisters in The LORD JESUS CHRIST in the U.K. that are in intercessory prayer about this referendum as we are in the U.S. praying about our upcoming general election. They are fighting the same good fight as we are and the outcome could have equal if not more importance for freedom around the world than our election in November. So, pray earnestly that the United Kingdom does leave, or Brexit!

2 Corinthinans 10:4 “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;”

Matthew 19:26 “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”


John Levi