Bless the Lord, O my soul, and Forget Not All His Benefits – Psalm 103:2


Dear Friend in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our soon coming Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! I like what Charles Spurgeon said in regard to the above verse: “Memory is very treacherous about the best things; by a strange perversity, engendered by the fall, it treasures up the refuse of the past and permits priceless treasures to lie neglected; it is tenacious of grievances and holds benefits all too loosely. It needed spurring to its duty, though that duty ought to be its delight.”

Psalm 103 comes to mind on the occasion of the second anniversary of Southwest Prophecy Ministries. September 1, 2015 was the public launch of this new ministry. At its commencement this was a partnership that included Doc Marquis, Carol Rushton (eldest daughter of the illustrious Noah Hutchings) and myself. The lack of sufficient financial support rendered our collaboration short-lived, but we continue to work together and encourage one another in the Lord’s work. The ministry began as a call from God, but apart from that, we had nothing. When I think about it, though, when you have that, you have everything!  This has been my experience with SWPM. We started with no products, no programs and no publicity. We called several Christian leaders and asked them to donate books and films. Many did. We borrowed Doc’s email list and contacts in Christian radio to announce our birth. One blessing led to another, and at this two year juncture, I am blessed and grateful to report:

  • 57 different DVDs in our bookstore
  • 36 different books in our bookstore
  • 3 eBooks I have authored
  • 1 book published with another on the way
  • 1 DVD produced
  • 104 videos produced on our You Tube channel
  • 24 Last Days Beacon articles published
  • Over 500 likes on our Facebook page
  • An Advisory Council established

All of this has occurred because of God’s abundant blessings on this ministry, as well as your prayers and financial support. We have tried to remain faithful to God’s calling to “equip end-time saints by providing accurate prophetic information as well as timely and truthful patriotic information.” As we commence year three of this ministry, we are excited at the opportunities for enlarged influence during America’s “Nineveh Moment.” I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continued interest, prayers and support for SWPM. It is a privilege to be a “Last Days Beacon” during these climactic days of the Church Age. Your partnership make this possible!

Occupying Until He Comes!

David P. Schnittger, President