EU Exit: It’s a Religious Issue

Lee Duigon

By Lee Duigon
June 30, 2016

British voters stuck a pin in the globalist bubble last week when they voted to leave the European Union.

Surely playing a major role in that decision was popular annoyance and frustration with EU bureaucrats in Brussels ceaselessly interfering with ordinary people’s daily lives. The EU became infamous for handing down ridiculous rules and regulations covering everything from the permitted curvature of a banana to the kind of olive oil containers to be used in restaurants. They held off imposing some even more inane regulations, fearing it would make them look ridiculous while adding fuel to the Brexit fire. Having lost that battle, it is expected that these new regs—cracking down on toasters and tea kettles—will soon be imposed on the countries remaining in the EU. Lucky them.

The EU was sold to the nations of Europe as the precursor to paradise. EU big shots haven’t given up on that dream. Reportedly, they are now huddling withGoogle and Facebook to ban (what they consider to be) “hate” and “extremism” from the Internet.

The beauty of it is, they don’t bother to define what is hateful or extremist. Presumably few of us would object if all they wanted to do was keep homicidal maniacs from using the Internet and social media as tools to facilitate acts of mass murder—although you’d think, if the bad guys were yakking about it on Facebook, that ought to make it easier for the authorities to catch them.

But it’s just so easy to imagine the private jet crowd sitting around Davos with cute little overpriced drinks in their hands, saying something like, “Y’know, comrades, while we’re at it, we could also ban Climate Change Denial, ‘cause it’s so hateful to the planet! Why, there’s all kinds of hate that we can keep out of cyberspace—like, y’know, microaggressions. In fact, we could go whole-hog and ban Hate itself! Then everybody would be nice, and as always, we’ll have smacked ‘em down for their own good. They’ll thank us for it someday.”

If you think people are incapable of this, who claim the authority to regulate thecurvature of a banana, please think again.

It must be stressed that at the root of this issue is religious belief.

The Bible, both Old and New Testaments, teaches that the origin of sin—of hate, for instance—is from within, arising from the human heart. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9) And Jesus taught that it’s not what goes in that defiles a man, but what comes out (Mark 7:18-23)—every kind of strife and wickedness, originating in the heart.

But humanists, globalists, and EU bureaucrats reject the Bible’s teaching. They don’t believe it. The human heart is basically just fine and dandy, they think. It’s what’s all around us—our society, our culture, our social, political, and economic institutions—that defiles us. All that need be done, by the ineffable wisdom of Science and the raw power of the state, is to tweak and tinker with our surroundings. Just keep on meddling and coercing, and silencing the expression of wrong opinions, and eventually they will hit upon just the right combination of regulations and restrictions and taboos that will render our surroundings absolutely perfect—and voila! You get perfected human beings, incapable of hate or greed or any other failing.

This is the progressive dream, the liberal delusion. We are not the problem! It’s the way we live, it’s everything around us—that’s the problem. And we the elite, who are so dazzlingly smart that we could just hug and kiss ourselves all over—we can solve the problem! All we need is the power and the money—and for the rest of you to shut up and do as you’re told.

The grace of God, and the regenerating power of Jesus Christ, they utterly reject. For them there is nothing greater, nothing wiser, than man himself: meaning not us, ungrateful oafs and peasants that we are, but themselves and their friends.

As a less worthy object of worship would be terribly difficult to imagine, they wind up with extensions of themselves—wealth, the state, and Science—serving as their idols, to whom sacrifices must be made.

Not by themselves, but by the rest of us.

We must throw off the shackles of this false religion.

Brexit is a good start, but we still have a long, long way to go.

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