By Lee Duigon
October 13, 2016

There’s despair in the air. Well, why not? The whole ruling class, with all its aggressive micro-constituencies, is lined up against us. They like what they’ve got and they want to hold on to it—and if they have to wreck the country to do it, they don’t care.

Electoral fraud schemes are a daily feature of the news. Law enforcement agencies are working hard to search them out and bust them; but for every one they stop, how many more will still be in business on Election Day? Whether it’s dead people, people who never existed, or illegal aliens, you know they’ll all be voting Democrat. All of them. And the Party is not the least embarrassed by it.

The nooze media are in the bag, the debate moderators are crooked—you get better refereeing in pro wrestling—and the big happy family up on Capitol Hill, Republican and Democrat alike, stand shoulder to shoulder for the status quo.

No wonder decent people feel defeated. The best we could do for a champion is Donald Trump, politically an unknown quantity—and the best he can do, for support… is us. Only us: the despised deplorables inhabiting flyover country, where we cling bitterly to our God and our guns and always wind up, as the country-wrecking liberals like to say, “on the wrong side of history.” All the movers and shakers, all the big shots, from the pashas in their private jets all the way down to the most addled academics, bent scientists, and moronic movie stars, are set in stone for Careless Clinton.

They’ve even got a hurricane working for them, the really nasty one we had last week. In less time than it takes for a Democrat to register an illegal alien to vote, an NBC noozie announced that the proposed Paris treaty on Climate Change is “designed to stop” hurricanes.

So, see, we’ve got to give the Global Warming Gang the president they want so they can sign and ratify the treaty and stop those pesky hurricanes. It would’ve been nice if they’d shut down Hurricane Matthew, just to prove that they could really do it—but no. They demand that we take them on trust, and give themgreat globs of our money and grant them unprecedented powers to meddle with our lives. Like taking away our air conditioners and refrigerators, as Secretary of State John Kerry has suggested. And on top of that, the Democrat platform calls for our fabulously corrupt Attorney General to “investigate” the brand-new crime of “Climate Change Denial.” Say adios to your First Amendment rights.

Yeah, we’ve got reason for despair. All our guy has to do is beat the Democrats, the Republican bigwigs, the news media, Hollywood, the education racket, the international whoopee crowd, and massive voter fraud, and he’s home free. I hasten to add that Trump is “our guy” because he’s not Hillary and there simply is nobody else. Last week the media tried to brand him a sexual predator on a Clintonian scale, which I’m afraid convinced some of us not to vote. But I don’t have time to deal with that issue here.

All this despair is not without foundation. Things do look pretty bleak.

So why have I got “King Alfred’s War Song” in my head, these last two days? Twelve hundred years ago, King Alfred in England faced a deadly invasion of pagans from across the sea, an enemy that drove him off his throne and into the swamps—a king hiding in a peasant’s cottage, and ordered by the peasant’s wife to mind the cakes so they wouldn’t burn. But King Alfred beat the pagans, in the end. Beat them right down. And this was what he wrote, and sang: “For the Lord is our defense, Jesu defend us!

For the great torrent of evil, of madness, washing over us with such great force and fury, as if to wash our country away—God’s hand in on the faucet, and when He turns it the other way, it’ll stop: just like that. The sovereign Lord of Creation will not be moved by all the wicked powers of a fallen world. When he says “Fall,” they will fall.

But we have to do our part. When Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to “occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13), He didn’t mean to sit around waiting for the Rapture. Like Alfred, we have to fight the battles that God gives us.

© 2016 Lee Duigon – All Rights Reserved