The Deep State Coup and Purge Is Upon Us- History Speaks Will America Listen?

by Dave Hodges

This is a release of information provided to me by two federal employees from different agencies which has occured over the past five months. Their information, is independent of each other but follows a typical pattern of behavior related to regime change and a coup.

In the past 5 months, I have withheld some of this information from all except my closest confidants. This is the first public disclosure of what I have been told over the past five months.  I have chosen this time to reveal what I believe to be true based on what I have been told. Some will discount this account because I relied on two unnamed sources, although it is OK for the WaPo, the NYT, CNN, et al., to do so and their evidence is cited inside the halls of Congress. However, in Part Two of this series, I will present military operations manuals which shows exactly how they are going to execute this coup and subsequent purge as well as examples of how this scenario has already been practiced. Suffice it to say, that a definitive coup and purge are already underway in this country and the main targets are Trump and you, if you support Trump. Also, I would like to remind the reading public that my anonymous account of the events following the assassination of Ambassador Stevens, also obtained from an unnamed source was widely criticized until it was proven to be true four months after the revelations.

The Typical Coup

In the days and weeks following a coup, particularly an executive action in which a head of state was assassinated in  order to promote regime change, there are two related actions which follows on its heels. First, death squads are dispatched to neutralize key opposition figures. Many times the strategy is centered around threatening the family of the target followed by an inducement (ie a bribe). Failing to compromise the target, through bribery and intimidation, they are then eliminated and it is often made to look like “an accident”.  Secondarily, and after the key opposition figures are eliminated, a false flag(s) typically ensue and the ‘deplorables of the day are separated from society.

As an aside, the undesirables, or the “deplorables” as they were called by Hillary Clinton during the campaign, are eliminated. These events are a tried and true prescription for regime change. The elimination of opposition figures (ie politicians, media) and the masses who are fervent in their support of opposition figures are eliminated time and time again in history. This is the unmistakable pattern.

To summarize the above information and translate the threat into modern terms, if Trump is removed from office, there are many who need to think about going into hiding until the coming purge is over.

I Have Been Warned-TWICE!

To date, I have never been offered a bribe or inducement to forsake my position as a watchdog of the Deep State and their incessant efforts to corrupt our government. When I have been warned about the coming danger to key members of the Independent Media and the some of the “radicals” in the general population, I am quick to point out that there never has been an opportunity for me to compromise myself. I was told that this fact would not keep me from being targeted. Average people in the general population, as I have learned, would be well-advised to heed the same warning. All of you having read these words, have been assigned a threat assessment score by the NSA. Much of the score is based on your browsing habits.  Enough said!

In February, a State Department official, not Monika Wesolowski, warned me that the social media was ready to launch an all-out censorship program against the Independent Media (IM). In March, when Youtube ads first diminished, I recognized what has happening before others because I had been sensitized to the coming event. I was also told that the action against the IM would not stop there. I was told very clearly that in the real world of the CIA, there are private contractors that serve as death squads who make people disappear in a variety of “accidental” ways. A case in point, in the current time frame, would be what is presently happening to natural health care doctors.

I was also told that if Trump is removed, I would be smart to temporarily relocate and to do so very covertly. In a coup, if one can survive the initial purge, the chances for survival is great. Along these lines, I want everyone to ask the question, have you noticed any of your favorite IM reporters softening their stance? Are they more calm in their outspoken criticism of the Deep State?  If so, this would be an example of the bribery and compromised factor that I spoke of. I am told that this has been going on since before Obama left office.

I asked my State Department contact what should be the trigger to cease operations and go into hiding as they were suggesting? The answer was the take down of Donald Trump. I believe we are on the edge of this happening. But even if I am incorrect in my interpretation, there is more supportive information.

The Attorney General Is Compromised

Many in the IM are accusing the Attorney General (AG) of being compromised and of being a sell out. I am convinced that these allegations are true. AG Sessions released documents related to the Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting in Phoenix which were heavily redacted. There is a enough to take down both parties. However, Sessions is showing the American people that the fix is in. Sessions is afraid of the Clintons because there is clearly enough evidence to prosecute the couple on multiple charges. And all we get is crickets chirping.

I am also convinced that I have come upon other information that demonstrates how much Sessions is compromised and is disloyal to President Trump. I have had a long-time acquaintance in one of the major enforcement organizations in the government. According to this source, a small group of federal employees were investigating the possible use of death squads on American soil. I have been told that Sessions underlings squashed requests from this group for search warrants and subpoenas for evidence in this matter. Further, the funding for the investigation has been terminated. I was also told that Trump very likely does not have any idea that this was going on and won’t until it appears here or in another source that has been given the information. By the way, I was told that I was not the first choice to release this information, by my second sources, but that the first group had their hand on the chicken switch and it is taking everything within my power to not publicly call them out for the cowards that they are.

This source repeated the State Department source’s warning of a coming purge in advance of and immediately following a purge. There is no identifiable time frame that can be offered. However, I believe that what happens with Robert Mueller’s grand jury will prove to be a pivotal moment.

What’s An Average American to do?

The options are slim an none and slim just left town. We could try screaming from the rooftops but I think it is too late as these forces are already in motion. This issue will not be decided by the people. It will be decided by the military. And the military provides documentation that I will bring forth in Part Two which demonstrates the totality of the purge that is coming.