Death of a Nation Movie Review

by Dane Rohm, SWPM Announcer

It is tragic that more people, including those who are basically leaning left politically, but really not aware of what is really going on in the USA, don’t even know about the movie “Death of a Nation.”  Everyone needs to see this movie to, at least, begin to understand what the truth is and what is going on behind the scenes in Washington DC.  Dinesh D’Souza tells it like it is and where we are headed as a country if we don’t wake up now and be bold and understand not only our factual history, but the future life of our nation!   As a “conservative Christian” I learned a lot of valuable information in this movie.  Dinesh has a way of making it quite simple to identify with what he is factually presenting and at the same time “putting the fear of God” into you as to where we are going as a nation! Tell all your friends – left, middle and right – to go see it!