The Coming Tet Offensive JIHAD Is Here (Part 3)

I was among the very first to report the real truth about the events related to Benghazi and the quality of my sources put me months ahead of the vast majority of the Independent Media. I am not bragging, I am emphasizing that these same sources of intelligence information are telling me, in unison, that the United States is facing a “TET Offensive” style of terrorist attacks inside of our country.

The TET Offensive

Readers may recall that in 1968, after the LBJ administration was repeatedly telling the American people that we were winning the Vietnam War, until the Viet Cong attacked every single capital, in every single South Vietnamese province. Even the US embassy in Saigon was momentarily captured. This was the turning point of the Vietnam War. My sources have compared what’s coming to the TET offensive. According to these deep-cover sources, as well as on-the-record sources, gun-free zones will be targeted (e.g. athletic events, concerts, schools, malls and university campuses. DHS knows it and the FBI knows it, and now you know it.

Of course this will lead to the imposition of martial law practices without a formal declaration of martial law. These policies will include gun confiscation, the execution of gun owners who do not surrender their guns following an executive decree. I do not anticipate that Trump will be the one giving that order. The policies also call for the enforcement of sanctions against people who are on various lists. No, not the No-Fly lists, but for people who are on the Red and the Blue Lists. These are the very same lists that Steve Quayle has been warning us about for years.

Both of my sources were hesitant to commit to a specific time frame except to say that Christmas always opens up targets of opportunities that does not exist for the rest of the calendar.

Paul Martin

On multiple occasions, Paul Martin, of has provided me with valuable intel from his deep cover source. Paul contacted me last year prior to the primary elections, to tell me that another massive drill was just concluded by members of the “alphabet soup agencies” regarding a major terrorist event(s) on the East coast. This is the second such report in the past s16 months. The same thing happened before the San Bernardino massacre happened and it is going to happen again only on an unprecedented scale.

It is time to move from confidential based sourced evidence, to the on-the-record sources.

Mainstream Media

Mainstream media outlets such as Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC and the New York Times have all stated pretty much the same thing. Syed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, executed 14 Americans in San Bernardino with guns provided for him by Enrique Marquez. Marquez has terrorist ties and this was a dry run rehearsal. He also had terrorist ties to the Russians. It is becoming clear that the supplier of the guns to Farook, was being handled by the Russians. This is the same theme we saw in the Orlando Massacre. These events had the same central planning apparatus. This was a rehearsal for what is coming.


IED’s on American Soil

As I previously mentioned, next week on my show, James Wesley Rawles will state that we will see IED’s and cell phones used as bombs on American soil.

The necessary parts to this plot have already been put into play in December 2015 and December of 2016. For example, multiple Missouri LEO’s notified the FBI about a large amount of cell phone purchases from area Walmarts. Adding fuel to the fire, a large number of propane tanks have been reported stolen from several locations is Independence and Lee’s Summit. Where did they go? Why haven’t they been recovered or used. The short answer is that they are being stockpiled.

According to terrorism expert, Denise Simon, this same pattern is prevalent in hotbeds of terrorism, not just in Missouri. Last year, a BP gas station in Lee`s Summit reported 20 propane tanks stolen from their outside cages. That same night the CVS on Southwest 3rd Street reported the exact same crime. Two weeks later, the CVS on East 23rd Street in Independence was hit, and 28 tanks were stolen from that location. IF YOU WERE A BETTING PERSON, PLACE YOUR BET ON IED’S COMING NEXT  AT A TIME OF GEORGE SOROS CHOOSING!

Originally, I thought these devices were going to be used to disrupt, or stop, the General Election, because Hillary was not going to win. It is clear that a more permanent solution is linked to the use of these weapons.

The Deep State Is Losing On Many Fronts

It is now clear, that the Deep State knows it is losing on many fronts to the American people.

The Russian-collusion-delusion narrative has collapsed. It was replaced by the Monuments fiasco. This past week, even the NYT stated that the President had succeeded in reframing the issue away from race to the erasure of American history.

Google is not just unpopular with Youtube users (Google is being sued) and website delisting of conservative websites (Google is being sued again), the average American sees through the charde of the MSM. At Trump’s Phoenix rally, on four occasions, 20,000 Trump supporters broke out into chants of “CNN Sucks, CNN sucks”, over and over. CNN’s hope that they would be witnessing another Charlottesville backfired in the midst of these chants. The people are “getting it” in record numbers. Hence, the Rawles warning and the Simon warning that terrorism in America by Soros groups is ready to go to a new level, cannot be discounted.

Two New Developments

The roll-0ut of crypto-currencies combined with the steady growth of precious metals, threatens to end the strangle-hold that the central banks have had on mediums of exchange. Central banks have virtually no control over the people on the continent of Africa as millions of people have flip phones and are conducting bit coin transactions. Even American corporate sweat shops are paying and accepting bit coin and precious metals. These transactions, along with trading and barter with gold and silver are virtually untraceable. Therefore, “the man” continuing to get a big cut is in danger.

The globalists know they are losing control of the narrative as to the nature of the Deep State and what their goals are. CNN’s ratings, for example, are in the toilet. Google has launched a campaign to silence the truth. However, there is new technology emerging that the globalists have no control over. Except for North Korea, no nation has legal authority over any activity which is conducted 62 miles over the earth. There is a new internet being put in place that takes advantage of micro-technology and the 62 mile limit. This will be revealed on tonight’s broadcast. Google, Facebook and other social media are in deep trouble. They will not only lose control over the narrative, but they will lose control over much of e-commerce because the corporations are going to line up to participate because the cost and the lack of government regulation/participation will ultimately save the participating corporations a lot of money. It is a corporation’s dream to be free of government regulation.

I interviewed Ernie Hancock on this topic on September 27, 2017 in the last 2 hours of my show on these two developments. The archives will released later today. This week, I am also interviewing G. Edward Griffin on the same topics. Undeniably, the wave of the future is tied to precious metals (ie the kind you can touch) and alternative currencies as well as the new internet which will be headquartered 62 miles above the Earth (more on this development at a later time).

I interviewed Ernie Hancock on this topic on September 27, 2017 in the last 2 hours of my show on these two developments. The archives will released later today. This week, I am also interviewing G. Edward Griffin on the same topics. Undeniably, the wave of the future is tied to precious metals (ie the kind you can touch) and alternative currencies as well as the new internet which will be headquartered 62 miles above the Earth (more on this development at a later time).

It’s Desperation Time for the Deep State

These moves away from global central authority must be stopped in order for the globalists to maintain their stranglehold on the nations of the world.

I do not think that the coming Jihad will be held just in America, it will be in every modern country where the power base is white, which, coincidentally, is in Europe and the North America. Hence, the reason for the global war on white people that I have written about. The nations of Europe and the United States must be destroyed before the new technologies can challenge central authority over anything. Gold and silver are ready to enjoy a record resurgence, not fiat currency. The electronic currencies will destroy the Sheriff of Nottingham approach to collecting taxes. The DOJ has been arresting the purveyors of this technologies at record rates. However, they cannot stop it. The countries of origin must be destroyed. This is why I am alerting the American people that we are ready to see a TET offensive on our soil and, as I have pointed out, has already been rehearsed. And if you doubt what is being written here, please remember the coverage I afforded to Border Patrol reports that large amounts of MS-13 was being let into the country by order of DHS. MS-13 are the political assassins for the drug cartels. Their deliberate presence on our soil speaks to what is coming.

Antifa will be at the center of what is coming and this will explored in the next installment in this series.

It has become my belief that World War III will follow if these intermediate measures to restore central authority control are not successful. So America and Europe are looking at an ever-increasing level of escalating levels of violence until the resistance to the New World Order is broken.