By J.B. Williams
October 24, 2016

As the “main stream media” (MSM) better labeled the for-profit corporate propaganda machine of the international global left, continues to spread invented rumors of Hillary Clinton running away with the 2016 election, the opposite reality is becoming ever more clear by the day.

According to a “confidential report” titled “Salvage Program” allegedly issued by Clinton Foundation Strategist team Benenson Strategy Group at 1000 Potomac Street, N.W., Suite 420, Washington, D.C. 20007 and leaked by Anonymous a few days ago, support for Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is in full-scale collapse. (NOTE: We called BSG for comment but have received no response as of this report. I will issue an update if they respond.)

The Salvage Program report goes into great detail pertaining to how, where and why Hillary Clinton has lost nearly all of her support in the past few weeks due to Wiki Leak drops exposing Clinton crimes and election rigging efforts, which serve to further bolster support for the Trump Revolution threatening the entire establishment power structure in D.C. and the Global Agenda.

The report opens with the following statement;

Interviews with 2,021 adult Americans conducted by telephone by BSG on October 10-13, 2016. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 2 percentage points. The sample uses a LVS based on voting history (65%), self-attestation (12%), social-media data mining (10%), demographic / socio-economic class (18%). This sample includes 1101 interviews among landline respondents and 920 interviews among cell phone respondents.” – “NO SKEWS OR NARRATIVE SCREENS WERE EMPLOYED”

In sum, the report analyzed both “massive enthusiastic support for Donald J. Trump” and support for Hillary Clinton in free-fall, dropping to record levels which might now be as low as 13% nationally.

It also tracks mass distrust for the “main stream media.”

For voters who solely consume mainstream media, only 28% are aware of the WikiLeaks emails and of those, only 8% are aware of the content. For these voters Clinton leads Trump by +8. Minority voters are less likely to consume alternative media (only 14%) and are less likely to be aware of the email leak (only 18% for males, 9% for females). Even with this group, enthusiasm is down 63 points compared to October 2008.”

As the MSM only samples from their own databases when polling, this explains why the MSM continues to report that Hillary Clinton is running away with the election.

The report goes on to establish the following in their analysis;

 On a positive note, most respondents who were liberal-leaning (83%) or Independent (59%) were unaware of the messaging front concerning Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct.
 While the vast majority (88%) were aware of consensual extra-marital relationships, the mainstream media approach to the stories has left only 8% of liberal-leaning voters and only 19% of independents aware of the allegations of rape.
 On a disturbing note, some 70% of Republican-leaning voters are aware bussed-in voting, false-face operations, and dead-man’s-party registration drives. This may necessitate severe strategy changes for November.

The BSG Report concludes – “At this point Donald Trump has both momentum and enthusiasm. Distrust in the mainstream media is blunting the impact:” of Clinton media strategies to derail Trump.

Backing that conclusion are the following stats – In September, firm voter support for Hillary Clinton was 33% and soft support was at 6%. As of the October 13th BSG Report, firm Clinton support had dropped from 33% less than a month ago to 13%, with soft support remaining at 6%.

Meanwhile across the aisle, firm support for Trump has risen from 46% in September to 62% in October, with soft support for Trump rising from 7% to 15% during the same period. As Clinton voter support was in free-fall, Trump support was skyrocketing.

In desperation, BSG appears to offer several “non-recommended” and “recommended” strategies for securing the White House for Hillary Clinton, considering the organic trouncing underway.

We have analyzed a number of potential salvage options and have a strong recommendation.”

The list of strategic considerations is highly damning. Albeit they are “non-recommended,” the notion that such tactics would even be considered should result in criminal charges…

BSG “non-recommended” strategic options for Clinton

RED DAWN – “using UN forces and Canadian-border infil would be effective in shutting down northern voting, it would simply delay the inevitable and result in hardened support for Mr. Trump.”
• COBALT RAIN – “The public has been primed for radiological attack and stockpiles have been positioned but while the psychological impact of a Co-60 weapon is severe, the threshold of opportunity may have passed for this to stop a vote.”
• BL Riot – “Again, while staged civil unrest could prevent pockets of America from voting, the damage is too wide-spread.”
• ZIKPOCALYPSE – “Improved strains of ZIKV have been delivered and we have disseminated them to operatives. Unfortunately, this will suppress women voters more than men (even as ZIKV 2 is
lethal in adults). This would hurt Hillary Clinton and Trump voters are willing to risk lethal pathogens to vote.”
• SHARIA ESCALATION – “States have blocked key immigrant operatives. Without the required Muslim-Islamist population in place, the IE plan will not be sufficiently impactful.”
• UNNATURAL DISASTER – “HAARP is in skeleton crew mode. Subterranean thermobaric devices in fracking mines are untested. Surveys suggest this might not stop Trump voters.”

READ FULL BSG REPORT HERE for their “recommended strategy.”

When I received a copy of the BSG Report titled “Salvage Program,” I first doubted the authenticity of the report and still have some doubts that this report was issued by BSG. It was just too damning and way too obvious. So, I called BSG to either confirm or deny the authenticity of the report, with no return response as of this report. Readers should feel free to contact BSG directly to authenticate the report at 202.339.6060

(The report was allegedly leaked by the group Anonymous and is posted at and…)

However, in checking the client list of Benenson Strategy Group, it reads like who’s who of leftist organizations, from the ACLU to Planned Parenthood, NBC to Obama, DSCC and DCCC. Strangely missing from the web site client list is The Clinton Foundation or Clinton Campaign directly, although the alleged BSG Report shows both the BSG (older version) and Clinton Foundation logos.

Then in checking Hillary Clinton social media pages, such as her official Facebook group, I noted that her FB friends dropped from a little over 9 million a week ago to slightly over 7 million today. Although every post on her FB group is a pro-Hillary media propaganda puff piece, the comments under each is a plethora of anti-Hillary comments, most of them attacking her for the information made public by Wiki Leaks and Project Veritas.


1. Support for Hillary Clinton is indeed in mass collapse. The only group firmly behind Clinton now is the #NeverTrumpers.
2. Support for Trump is fast growing to historic levels, even among voters normally solidly Democrat in past elections.
3. If the BSG Report is real, then the strategies to elect Hillary Clinton go far beyond mere election rigging and reach the level of criminal activities and even acts of TREASON.
4. If the BSG Report isn’t real, then whoever created it should also face criminal charges brought by BSG. Someone went to a great deal of trouble to create this report.

By all visible indicators, Trump is set to take this election by historic landslide. If that happens, then the MSM who has worked so hard to derail Trump and prop up Clinton should end up on the ash-heap of history, making room for a real free press in the future.

The 2016 Election will prove to be an historical event wherein the American people will have made every effort to TRUMP the corrupt D.C. establishment and their complicit press on November 8th. God Bless America and the Trump Revolution to reclaim our Constitutional Republic!

The whole truth behind the 2016 Election is the subject of a FIVE STAR bookTrumped: The New American Revolution. People who want the whole truth can get TRUMPED here!

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