British “David” Slays EU “Goliath”

David SchnittgerSM

By David Schnittger,
President, Southwest Prophecy Ministries

The United Kingdom experienced her “Independence Day” this past week when, on June 23, the citizens of the UK voted to leave the European Union. Despite the threats and scaremongering of the global elite, as well as some shenanigans in the voting process, the “good and decent” people of the UK, by a majority of 52% voted to leave the EU, to which they had been shackled since 1973. This was undoubtedly the most important political decision of the UK in my lifetime, and perhaps signals the high water mark of the EU.

In this article, I want to give tribute to the man who, perhaps, more than any other single individual, had a greater influence on this victory than any other. Before revealing his name, I want to give a biblical analogy, that of the shepherd boy, David, who slew the Philistine giant, Goliath. Let’s review some things about David, and apply what I call “the spirit of David” to the individual I have in mind.

The first noteworthy element in the spirit of David was that he was the first to recognize and articulate that an injustice and outrage was taking place. We read in 1 Samuel 17:26, “. . . For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?” The other Israelis had been watching the outrage of Goliath’s defiance against the armies of Israel for 40 days and had done nothing. As soon as the shepherd boy appears on the scene, he speaks up! The spirit of David cannot be silent in the face of outrageous injustice.

The second noteworthy element in the spirit of David is that he is the first to recognize the injustice as a “cause” to confront and contend with. We read in 1 Samuel 17:29, “. . . Is there not a cause?” In other words, this outrage cannot continue. It must be confronted and overcome!

A third element in the spirit of David is that he made the cause his own. We see this in 1 Samuel 17:32, “And David said to Saul, Let no man’s heart fail because of him; thy servant will go and fight with this Philistine.” David did not wait for a nomination or a committee decision. He knew what was right and was willing to put himself personally at risk to confront the injustice. That is the essence of the “spirit of David.”

Then finally, as he approached the battleground against the arrogant giant, David expressed confidence in the Lord as the basis for victory: “And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear; for the battle is the LORD’s, and he will give you into our hands” (1 Sam 17:47).

The giant Goliath was slain on that historic day, but a modern-day Goliath has arisen in its place, known as the European Union. The European Union has been the globalists’ dream for almost 100 years. It was pushed by the League of Nations after WWI. It was Hitler’s dream to create a “unified Europe” by force of arms. When that failed, the Bilderberg Group, at their inception in 1955, sought to create the EU by force of diplomacy. Step by step, the EU developed from a series of trade agreements by a few European countries to what it is now: 28 countries with a single currency, a single parliament and open borders. All significant decisions are made in Brussels by unelected bureaucrats reminiscent of the USSR politburo. It is the largest single economy in the world and it rules its member countries with an iron fist. The EU was intended by the globalists to be their prototype, their “project,” in dividing the rest of the world into regions, such as the North American Union. This 10 region scheme was to eventually evolve into a one-world government, or New World Order.

NigelFarageAgainst this modern day Goliath, a single individual stepped onto the field of battle 25 years ago. Nigel Farage, Leader of the UK Independence Party, has been a “Eurosceptic” for 25 years and has labored tirelessly to extricate the United Kingdom from the leviathan grip of the European Union. Since 1999 he has been a Member of the European Parliament for South East England and has often battled the corruption and tyranny of the EU as a Parliament member. He is the co-chair of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group and was named “Briton of the Year” in 2014. Nigel campaigned exhaustively for Brexit, even standing atop the “Brexit Bus” as it traveled through British neighborhoods, giving Brexit speeches to all who would listen.  Nigel Farage, along with Byron Johnson, former mayor of London and Lord Christopher Monckton led the charge in the Brexit Campaign and are all to be commended for their leadership in bringing “Independence Day” to the United Kingdom.

Please click on this –> LINK to view Nigel’s speech celebrating the Brexit victory.

May the “spirit of David” possess you as you confront the tyrants of injustice and tyranny in your life!