Why Andrew Jackson Is Being Targeted for Removal From the $20 Bill


By Garland Favorito
June 8, 2016

Those who still doubt that an elite group of Marxists and Fascists control American policy need to look no further than the announcement by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew of his intention to remove Andrew Jackson from the face America’s $20 dollar bill. President Jackson established the most fiscally sound administration in American history and adhered to founding American principles more closely than most U.S. Presidents. As General Jackson, his forces won the key battle that defeated the final massive British invasion and ended the war of 1812.

General Jackson’s Accomplishments

Andrew Jackson was born in 1767 and served as a 13 year old courier in the Revolutionary War. When he refused to shine the shoes of a British officer after being captured, the officer slashed him with a sword leaving permanent scars on his head and arm. His two brothers and mother who was a nurse, all died during service in the Revolutionary War.

Jackson was appointed major general of the Tennessee militia in 1802. In the 1814 Battle of Horseshoe Bend, his forces defeated “Red Stick” Creek warriors who killed over 400 settlers in the Fort Mims massacre in Alabama. The warriors had been encouraged by Shawnee Chief Tecumseh who was aligned with British forces during the War of 1812. Jackson led U.S. Army regulars including Davy Crockett and Sam Houston as well as Choctaw and Cherokee warriors. The resulting Treaty of Fort Jackson confiscated millions of acres of Creek land but provided humanitarian assistance until the Creeks could sustain themselves again.

Jackson gained immense popularity for commanding Americans to an 1815 victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans that ended the War of 1812. The British Army and Royal Navy attacked with huge forces for two weeks after British officials signed the Treaty of Ghent that should have ended hostilities. The British attempt to control the Mississippi River at New Orleans could have made a dramatic difference in the outcome of the war if successful.

Jackson’s forces included state militias, U.S. Army regulars, Jean Lafiite’s pirates as well as Chocktaw, Cherokee and friendly Creek warriors. They were outnumbered 2:1 but repelled the 11,000 man British invasion. The British lost 2,000 killed, wounded or captured soldiers while the Americans lost roughly 60 in one of the most lopsided and amazing victories in American history. “The Battle of New Orleans” was memorialized in song and an annual national holiday for the January 8 final day of battle was established. The holiday was recognized until 1861 immediately after Americans in 11 states, including Louisiana voted to secede from the Union.

President Jackson’s Accomplishments

Andrew Jackson is the only president in American history whose administration paid off the national debt. His administration was also the last administration in American history that operated with a true balanced budget. He also bravely prevented wealthy banking family cartels from gaining monopolistic control of the American money supply when he vetoed Second National Bank legislation in 1832. His unequalled legendary accomplishments make him the most fiscally sound president in American history.

In 1824, Jackson became the only man in American history to win both the popular vote and the Electoral College but not become president. Jackson defeated incumbent John Quincy Adams by 152,000 to 115,000 in the popular vote and 99 to 84 in the Electoral College. However, in the 4 way race that included House Speaker Henry Clay and Treasury Secretary William Crawford, Jackson had only about 43 of the total vote. Since no one had a 50% majority, Electoral College rules require that the House of Representatives elect the speaker. Elitist Henry Clay swung House votes to second place Adams and Adams appointed him as Secretary of State in what became known as “the corrupt bargain”.

Jackson supporters then founded the Democratic Party and he won the 1828 election over his arch-rival Henry Clay in another showdown between Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian philosophies of government. Jackson was re-elected in 1832 and served though 1836 when his Vice President Martin Van Buren was elected. His wife Rachel died in 1828 after he was elected but before he took office. Jackson blamed her death on the brutal campaign conducted against both of them by Henry Clay.

As soon as he took office he was faced with a national crisis that he handled deftly. Just before his election in 1828 Congress passed the Tariff of Abominations, roughly a 62% import tax on most goods. The state of South Carolina complained that the federal government “has raised and collected un-necessary revenue for objects unauthorized by the Constitution;” When South Carolina voted to nullify the unconstitutional law and threatened to secede, Jackson unlike Lincoln, stuck to the Constitution and empowered Vice President John Calhoun to negotiate an agreement with his arch rival Henry Clay. They affected a compromise and reduced the tariff to about 20% over a 10 year period. Afterwards rates began to increase again culminating with the Morrill Tax Act that was passed in 1861. That act was a key factor that led to Americans in 11 states, voting to secede from the Union.

The Big Lies

Despite Andrew Jackson’s amazing accomplishments as a U.S. President and a U.S. Major General, some historians and journalists with an anti-American agenda have focused on propagating a stream of distortions that have maligned Jackson and duped many Americans. The essentially false negative publicity has helped justify the sudden anti-American political attempt to remove Jackson from the face of the U.S. $20 bill. Three outright lies have been propagated about Jackson and psychologically programmed into unsuspecting Americans:

Lie#1: Andrew Jackson passed a law that forcibly removed Native American Indians from their land.

An American president cannot pass laws. Only Congress can. Congress passed an act in 1830 that allowed the U.S. President to negotiate treaties with Native American Indian tribes to compensate them for relocation to areas west of the Mississippi River. Jackson’s administration negotiated well over 50 treaties under the new law. Most major tribes representing about 60,000 Native American Indians signed the treaties and received millions of dollars to resettle. Jackson supported the act for national security reasons because the British had agitated tribal warriors to attack settlers. Both Jackson and some tribes like the Choctaws believed if Indians and settlers were separated by the Mississippi River they could all live in peace and freedom.

Lie#2: President Jackson caused the deaths of roughly 10,000 Native American Indians in the Trail of Tears tragedy when he forced about 100,000 of them to be removed from their land.

The federally forced relocation of Cherokees that caused at least half of the Trail of Tears deaths occurred in 1838-1839 under Martin Van Buren after Jackson was no longer president.

Most federally initiated relocations under the Jackson administration were voluntary and based on compensated agreements negotiated by treaties previously mentioned. However, the Choctaws and Creeks contracted diseases like cholera during their compensated relocation and suffered about a 15% casualty rate.

One federally forced, relocation of Seminoles was initiated during the Jackson administration after the Seminoles did not honor the Treaty of Moultrie Creek. This resulted in the second Seminole War that was carried out primarily under Martin Van Buren.

Georgia initiated a separate forced relocation of Cherokees during Jackson’s administration. The Cherokees attempted to remain on their land and received a favorable U.S. Supreme Court ruling from Chief Justice John Marshall. Jackson chose not to create conflict between federal forces and the states over the ruling since the U.S. Constitution did not empower the national government to coerce states over the issue of who can be a resident.

The Jackson administration could reasonably be considered as partially responsible for some of the losses described above but not in the way his role in the Trail of Tears has been portrayed. Jackson made many alliances with Native American tribes when he defeated the British in the 1815 Battle of New Orleans and when he fought Creek warriors in 1814. He even adopted a Creek boy named Lyncoya as his son after he was orphaned in a battle with Creek warriors.

Lie#3: Andrew Jackson was crazy.

Andrew Jackson accomplished economic feats that have not been matched by any American President since. A president whose administration payed off the national debt and operated the last true balanced budget could not possibly be crazy. A general who commanded America’s most amazing victory outside of the Revolutionary war itself cannot be crazy.

Why Jackson was Targeted

Secretary Lew supposedly considered removing Alexander Hamilton from the $10 bill first. Hamilton led one of charges that resulted in the surrender by Cornwallis’ forces to George Washington’s troops at Yorktown. Hamiltonian principles of government are far more supportive of Marxism and Fascism than the contrary Jeffersonian principles adopted by Andrew Jackson. Hamiltonian principles include a strong aristocratic national government, central banking, protectionist tariffs and incurring debt for infrastructure. Hamilton’s principles died two deaths at the ballot box in the Federalist and Whig Parties before being crammed down the throats of Americans at gunpoint by the newly formed Republican Party in the 1860s.

Jackson followed Jeffersonian principles of limited national government, localized state banks, free trade and a balanced budget. Jeffersonian principles formed the foundation of the American government for about 72 of its first 80 years existence including both Jackson terms. These American principles are the antithesis of a Marxist or Fascist government. As America is continually forced more toward Marxist concepts of neutered sovereignty and Fascist concepts of infinite war, Jackson has no place on American currency and that is why Lew, the Obama administration and other Marxists want him removed from the $20 bill.

If Lew was actually concerned about American humanity he could have made other choices to remove presidents from the $5 and $50 dollar bills. Lew could have chosen to remove Abraham Lincoln who invaded Virginia with 14,000 troops on May 24, 1861, the morning after the people of Virginia voted to secede. Lincoln’s invasion initiated the first major casualties of a 4 year war and led to the deaths of roughly 678,000 Americans, more than American deaths in all other wars combined. Lincoln’s Union Army even made direct attacks on American civilians at many American cities including Vicksburg, Fredericksburg, Petersburg, Charleston and Atlanta.

Lew could have also chosen to remove U.S. Grant from the $50 bill since his administration was riddled with corruption. Worse yet, he was one of the generals, along with Sherman and Sheridan, who was responsible for many of those 678,000 American deaths. Grant’s army directly and continually attacked American civilians in 1864 for weeks when it indiscriminately fired shells from a huge canon called the “Dictator” directly into the civilian population in the downtown city of Petersburg.

But these Presidents were not targeted to be removed because they carried out the policies that today’s elite American Marxists and Fascists love so much. Those Presidents would never be targeted for removal from the face of American currency in lieu of Jackson.

To help justify the removal of Andrew Jackson from the face of the $20 bill, elitists played the classic Marxist race and gender cards. To gain support from women and minorities, only women were considered and Harriett Tubman was selected to replace Jackson. Harriett Tubman certainly deserves to be honored for her place in history but not by removing the most fiscally sound President in American history and the most distinguished American General other than George Washington himself. It is especially ironic that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew would attempt to remove Jackson from the $20 bill even though he could never achieve the fiscal accomplishments of Andrew Jackson much less his statesman and military accomplishments.

Jackson’s slated removal is not a “rotation” as claimed but it is a permanent accomplishment by the Obama administration. Lew has proven that critics who may have unfairly criticized the Obama administration as Marxist were right all along. But President Obama has played both sides of the Marxist and Fascist coin. If you don’t believe that the Obama administration is also rooted in fascism consider this fact about the alleged “peace candidate” who was going to save us from the war and destruction caused by George W. Bush. It is a fact that the Barrack Obama administration has already been at war longer than any presidential administration in American history. Is it any wonder why Americans are turning to independents such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in droves as well as third parties such as the Libertarian, Green and Constitution Parties?

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