Will the Pro-Life Movement end the Scourge of Abortion in America?

By David Schnittger

The Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. documents the Nazi atrocities that took place against European Jews during World War II. In this somber memorial, the brutal pogroms which took place from 1933-1945, and which murdered over six million Jews are chronicled. While this crime against humanity, which ended 73 years ago, needs to be remembered and lamented, there is an ongoing holocaust in America that is, statistically, ten times worse.

I am referring to America’s holocaust against the unborn, which has been going on since January 22, 1973. It was on that fateful day, in the Roe v Wade decision when the Supreme Court legalized abortion. That decision, together with the Doe v Bolton decision, also in 1973, allowed abortion to be . . .legal for any woman, regardless of her age. . . legal for any reason, during the first seven months of the pregnancy,
and for virtually any reason thereafter.

Since that time, approximately 60 million unborn American citizens have been murdered, with legal sanction. As we have just passed the 46-year anniversary of Roe v Wade, I wanted to give some encouragement and challenge regarding how we can eliminate this scourge upon America.


Abortion Rates Declining:

The annual rate of abortions climbed from 1973 to 1990. Since that time, there has been a slow but steady decline in the number of abortions. For example, approximately 885,000 abortions took place in the United States in 2016 – down from approximately 913,000 abortions in 2015.

I attribute this decline to the educational efforts of the pro-life movement as well as the fine work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers around the country.

State Laws Restricting Abortion Clinics:

Through the efforts of the pro-life community, in concert with pro-life legislators, a number of states have passed more restrictive laws governing abortion clinics. For example, some recent state laws have required abortion clinics to have valid transfer agreements with an ambulance service and hospitals. Some states also require a 24-hour waiting period and an in-person consultation the day before the procedure.

As a result of these laws, there are several states where only one abortion clinic remains in operation. These states are West Virginia, North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Mississippi.  Other states, such as Texas, have cut the number of abortion clinics in half in just the last few years.

Exposure of Abortion Clinic Atrocities

Kermit Gosnell:  Kermit Gosnell is a doctor who ran an abortion clinic for 30 years in Pennsylvania. A grand jury convicted Gosnell of routinely delivering babies alive and then cutting their necks with scissors in order for them to bleed to death. He would also cut off the feet and legs of these babies and keep them in jars like trophies. A movie was made about Gosnell in 2018 and it was widely viewed.

Project Veritas: With the advent of independent media, atrocities in abortion clinics are being exposed as never before. For example, Project Veritas conducted an undercover investigation of the gruesome practice of selling baby parts in Planned Parenthood clinics. Not only are taxpayers forced to fund Planned Parenthood by over 500 million dollars yearly, Planned Parenthood executives also engage in the lucrative practice of selling baby parts in violation of Federal law. Click on the link below to watch Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of baby parts:

Reasoned Apologetic: View the linked video below which presents several solid reasons why abortion is not just a choice . . . it is murder!

Growing Right to Life Marches:  This year’s National Right to Life March in Washington D.C. broke all-time attendance records.  Crowd estimates exceeded 650,000 people.  See the video below to see the massive crowds:


There are many fine organizations that are involved in the fight to end abortions in America. Let me list a few: – This website is a treasure trove of information, including a link as to where you can find local crisis pregnancy centers in your area. They also have information about how you can donate 4-7% of your Amazon spending to Abort73. I encourage you to call a local crisis pregnancy center and ask how you can help.

National Right to Life – Founded in 1968, National Right to Life is the nation’s oldest and largest pro-life organization.

Do not wait for your church or your pastor to get involved. Pray about the part you should play in ending the scourge of the abortion holocaust in America.

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall
reap, if we faint not.

Galatians 6:9