By Doc Marquis
September 21, 2016

I am positively gobsmacked over the fact that folks who are planning to vote for Hillary Clinton cannot see her level of hypocrisy. Even worse her history of pathologically lying is blatantly apparent, even in mainstream media; a miracle indeed that they’re being truthful about it. Nevertheless, for those who are still walking the fence on to whom they should vote for, allow me to show you the type of President you would be voting for should you decide on Clinton.

1a) The country is getting poorer as are the median income households.

1b) Hillary Clinton states she left the White House in debt because, among other things, she had two mortgages to pay for monthly. Yet, through her and her husband’s charitable foundation she is now worth more than $150,000,000.

2a) Hillary claims Trump is in love with Putin.

2b) Wasn’t it Hillary who lovingly embraced Russia by creating her so-called“reset button”?

3a) She claims Donald Trump cannot be trusted with national secrets.
3b) Yet, Hillary put 110 “Classified Documents” on her server according to F.B.I. Director James Comey.

4a) According to Hillary, Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be our next President.

4b) Hillary’s volcanic temper is legendary according to first-hand accounts, especially those who had work/worked for her or her husband when he was President.

5a) Hillary claims Trump is constantly lying about the facts.

5b) Hillary is a serial liar! She is “constantly” being caught in a spider web of lies which she had spun. Can we say Benghazi? Or how about her emails? Even so, how about her testimony before Congress?

6a) Hillary claims that Trump is hiding things.

6b) The F.B.I. recovered more than 32,000 emails Hillary attempted to hide from the public, including classified material and national secrets. She even had a number of her Blackberries and IPads destroyed with hammers to hide the evidence.

7a) Hillary claims that Trump is a misogynist even though he was the first person in history to leave the entire construction of a building in the hands of a woman. That building was Trump Towers.

7b) On the other hand women who worked for Hillary during her reign as Secretary of State were being paid eighteen cents less per dollar than their male counterparts. I thought she was supposed to be the “so-called” champion of women’s rights??? As Secretary of State Hillary could’ve immediately given all of those women a pay raise that would equal to the amount their male counterparts were being paid. Yet, nothing had been done.

8a) Hillary claims Trump could not deal with International events and people.

8b) International events? Hillary, can you say Benghazi?

9a) Clinton accuses Trump of being a xenophobe, racist, misogynist, homophobe, etc.

9b) And still Hillary calls “at least half of Trumps supporters ‘deplorables’”.

10a) Trump admits he needs to lose 10 – 20 pounds.

10b) Hillary, as always, lied and tried to hide her medical conditions. Her concussion, coughing fits, pneumonia are just a few examples. And, from my own medical background, I can assure you she cannot be perfectly fit as she has claimed. Pneumonia will usually take between 2 – 4 weeks to recover from with proper antibiotics, and even longer for older folks. Yet, supposedly, after 5 days’ worth of resting she now perfectly healthy again. Give me a break! I suspect we’ll see something down the road.

11a) Hillary demands that Trump release his tax records. Which, by the way, is only a tradition and not a requirement for becoming the President. This tradition is a little bit more than 30 years old now.

11b) Hillary needs to have the Clinton Foundation financial reports and records released for illegal activities such as “pay-for-play” and illegal “campaign funds”, etc.

12a) Hillary claims Trump isn’t telling the truth about so many different things.

12b) According to family members, Hillary lied to them about the death of their sons during the Benghazi terror attack which left the embassy in flames.

13a) Donald Trump faces the music everyday by allow easy access to reporters.

13a) On the other hand Hillary avoided the press like the plague for 271 days (9 months). She certainly doesn’t want the press to ask her questions about Benghazi, her email server, jeopardizing national secrets, etc. Hillary does not want to face the music!

14a) Trump is not afraid to say “Islamic Terrorists” or “Radical Islam”.

14b) Hillary refuses to call it for what it is: “Islamic Terrorism(ists)” even though we just had two more attacks in New York and Minnesota.

15a) She has stated that Trump needs to be transparent.

15b) After being in the public eye for 30 years Hillary is riddled with layer upon layer of concealment, lies and deceptions. Hillary and Obama’s idea about transparency is akin to that of Mississippi mud!

16a) Hillary claims Donald Trump would be completely incompetent as our next Command-in-Chief.

16b) This is exactly what the F.B.I. stated about Hillary and her handling of our nation’s top secrets. They stated that she was “criminally negligent and incompetent”.

17a) Hillary claims Donald Trump would make America more unsafe.

17b) Meanwhile, Hillary wants to bring in tens of thousands of more refugees with terrorists hiding among them into America; into your neighborhoods.

18a) Trumps wants to build a wall to help keep out terrorists and drug runners who are coming into America through South America.

18b) Hillary wants to implement more of the same old policies as the solution to terrorism and drug running.

19a) Donald Trump wants to make America safe against Islamic terrorists.

19b) Thanks to Hillary’s and Obama’s policies in Iraq, Libya and Syria we now have the Isis problem and throughout the world.

20a) Donald Trump wants to bolster our 2nd. Amendment rights.

20b) Hillary wants to put on even more regulations about “the right to bear arms”. By the way, Hillary, it was Jason Falconer, an off-duty officer and NRA certified instructor who took down the terrorist in the mall in Minnesota. And ISIS did take credit for this attack.

21a) Donald Trump wants to downsize the Government.

21b) Hillary wants “business as usual”.

22a) Trump wants to lower taxes.

22b) Hillary will raise taxes by getting us, the taxpaying citizens, to pay for “tuition free” colleges and to pay for all of the debt that those students have accrued. I put myself through University by having two partial scholarships, holding two-part time jobs, whatever money I could save during the summer months and my VA benefits. It was very difficult at times but I left University without owing anyone a penny. If I could do it so can all of those pampered princes and princesses.

23a) Trumps states: “We’re at War”!

23b) Hillary and her cronies states that “We’re in a narrative fight.” Are you kidding me?! A “narrative fight” is when children call each other names on the playground. It’s not a “narrative fight” Hillary when people’s sons and daughters are being brutally murdered and tortured by the enemy. And as a combat trained veteran of the United States Army…Hillary, you and your comments disgust me!

24a) Hillary claims that Trump’s comments are being used to recruit people into various terrorist groups.

24b) None of Hillary’s so-called policies or actions have done anything to detour ISIS or terrorism.

25a) Donald Trump’s campaign slogan is: “Make America Great” again. Hillary claims this is a racist remark.

25b) Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill, when he was on the campaign trail in 1991 was using the exact same slogan: “Make America Great Again”.

Hillary Clinton is constantly laying accusations at the feet of Donald Trump while at the time being guilty of every single one of those claims. Hillary, hypocrisy looks good on no one!

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