Will nationalism or globalism define America’s Future?

By David Schnittger

One of the greatest Western movies of all time is the 1952 classic, “High Noon,” starring Gary Cooper. The movie is set in 1870 Hadleyville, with Gary Cooper playing the town Marshall, Will Kane. The rising action begins with Will’s marriage to a pretty Quaker named Amy Fowler. To please Amy, Will resigns his post immediately after the wedding ceremony. Will is troubled because the new Marshall has not arrived to take his place. Suddenly, the stationmaster rushes in with the terrible news that Frank Miller, a wild outlaw whom Will had arrested for murder five years earlier, recently received pardon and is due to arrive in Hadleyville on the noon train. Miller’s outlaw gang have ridden to the station and are awaiting Miller’s arrival.

At the urging of the wedding guests, Will and Amy leave town immediately, but after only a few moments on the road, Will turns the wagon around and heads back. “I expect he’ll come looking for me,” Will replies when Amy asks for an explanation. Will’s young wife begs him to leave with her, and he protests that he has never run from anyone. Will returns to town to make plans for the town’s defense. Despite all of his efforts, no one agrees to stand with Will. He must face the outlaws down by himself at high noon. I will not spoil this dramatic western by revealing the outcome, but no one can dispute the courage of the character Gary Cooper portrays in standing up to the outlaws alone at high noon. This is precisely the position Donald Trump appears to be in as 2019 is shaping up to be high noon for America. America’s high noon appears to be playing out in three arenas.


Presently, there is a Federal government shutdown, as President Trump has rejected a budget that does not include the five billion dollars he has requested to build a wall on our southern border. The Democrat leaders in Congress do NOT want to budge on this and are presently unwilling to negotiate. This amount is minuscule in relation to the overall budget of over 3.7 trillion dollars. Plus, illegal aliens cost the government over 285 billion dollars a year in social services such as education, welfare and prison costs. This does not include the human cost of the crimes illegal aliens commit against American citizens. There is also the hidden cost of depressed wages for middle class Americans as they are forced to compete with low cost illegal alien wage earners.  Meanwhile, wave after wave of illegal immigrants are heading for our southern border.

On top of that, is the hidden truth the illegal immigrants are bringing a wave of hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV to America. Additionally, migrants are spreading malaria, yellow fever, diphhtheria, dengue, chikunguny and measles, diseases that have been unknown in the US in recent years.

President Trump realizes that without secure borders, there is no country. This is exactly the globalist plan that we see being activated in many western countries, resulting in skyrocketing crime and the destruction of western cultures. This is a “high noon” issue that President Trump must face in 2019. 

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Another “high noon” issue confronting America in 2019 has to do with the unbridled power of the Federal Reserve Bank. Since Trump was elected president in November 2016, the stock market has broken over 100 records, as Trump has engineered an amazing economic recovery. With a combination of eradicating job-killing regulations, reducing personal and corporate taxes, renegotiating trade deals and encouraging corporations to resettle in America, there have been historic reductions in unemployment in every ethnicity, and an explosion of small business growth.

During this time, the Federal Reserve Bank has raised interest rates seven times, despite the fact that there is no discernible problem with inflation. With their latest interest rate hike in December, the stock market has taken a nosedive, sparking fears of a recession. As Trump has correctly opined, “The only problem our economy has is the Fed.”  Because of these Fed actions, the U.S. stock market has suffered its biggest December decline since the Great Depression.

Apparently, the Federal Reserve, which is a private cabal of international bankers, has decided to crash the economy so they blame it on Trump and run him out of office. Trump needs to fire Chairman Powell, and order an audit of the Fed as a precursor to its dissolution. “The Creature from Jeckyl Island”, which was created under cover of darkness on Jeckyl Island, Georgia and passed as The Federal Reserve Act in Congress during the Christmas recess of 1913, needs to be ended. This unaccountable group of international counterfeiters has run and ruined America long enough. Trump must END THE FED in this “high noon” showdown in 2019.

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In December, Trump announced his decision to remove all military personnel from Syria (2,000 troops) and 7,000 troops from Afghanistan. This action was met with the resignation of Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, and other high-level officials in the Defense Department. Trump is receiving flack from Republicans and Democrats alike. It is Trump’s view that the troops in Syria have been successful in their defeat of ISIS, and that it is time to turn this problem over to governments in the region. It is also his view that, after the 17-year quagmire in Afghanistan, it is time for an orderly withdrawal. Accordingly, this first draw down will reduce American forces in Afghanistan by half.

Let me remind the reader that sending U.S. troops into Syria was illegal, given that Congress never debated or approved sending troops there.  First under Obama, and then under Trump. The US military quietly built up its on-the-ground presence in Syria without any public debate and often under the veil of official secrecy.  The American public often only found out that troops were stationed there because of leaks to the media or quiet announcements long after troops arrived.

While on the surface the keeping of Trump’s campaign promise to withdraw US troops from Syria seems reasonable and prudent, at a deeper level, this is a huge setback to the globalist plans set forth in the Project for a New American Century document published in September 2000. This neoconservative plan, created by many of the key players in the George Bush administration, laid out a plan for multiple simultaneous wars in the Middle East. These wars were for the purpose of conquering Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria. This new preemptive strategy would be launched by a “new Pearl Harbor” event which, conveniently, occurred a year later, on September 11, 2001. This PNAC strategy has been successful in overthrowing the governments of Iraq and Libya, but they have hit a snag in recent years, most notably with this “setback” in Syria. The globalist neocons who developed this plan, in concert with the military-industrial-security-complex that they enrich, will spare no effort to take out President Trump, in order to get their plan for Middle East conquest back on track.

May I remind you that the last President that stood up to the Federal Reserve Bank and the military-industrial-security complex was John F. Kennedy. Need I say more? Regardless of how you feel personally about Donald Trump, for the sake of our country, let me urge you to pray for and support our President as he seeks to restore America as “History’s Great (Protestant) Nation.”  I believe that 2019 will be determine whether nationalism or globalism will define America’s future. 

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